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5 Must-See Attractions in San Diego

Tucked along the Pacific Coast in Southern California lies one of the most magical vacation destinations. With excellent weather and tons to see, San Diego makes a perfect destination for your next summer getaway. And whether you are going solo or with the family, San Diego has fun for couples and parents with children alike. This city, which is the second largest in California, and is about a 45-minute drive from the Mexican border and a two-hour drive from the city of Los Angeles, also has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches on the West Coast. No matter where you stay and what you see, you’ll never forget the time you spent in San Diego – that’s a guarantee. Here are 5 must-see attractions in San Diego.

  1. The Crystal Pier is certainly one of the most romantic attractions to visit when you are in San Diego. The pier is a historic landmark and an icon in the Pacific Beach section of San Diego. This neighborhood is home to the famous boardwalk, which houses a number of shops and restaurants. It is recommended to shop by day and then right before dinner walk out to the very end of the pier to see the sunset – truly unforgettable.
  2. Take a trip through the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. This is truly a zoo like no other and it’s no wonder why this zoo is one of the most famous in the world. Located in the wide-open and beautiful Escondido region of San Diego, when you take the safari ride at the zoo you will literally feel like you have been transported back to Africa. See lions in their natural habitats and much more. Visiting the zoo is fun for children and adults, so this experience is definitely perfect for the entire family.
  3. Visit one of San Diego’s oldest and hippest neighborhoods Hillcrest, which houses some of the best restaurants and shops in the city. If you want an old San Diego, “downtown” experience, this is definitely it. At night you can visit some of the best bars and clubs in town. Not to mention, the architecture in this neighbor is the best in all of San Diego, because a lot of the buildings haven’t been touched in decades.
  4. When you are in San Diego sightseeing it might be fun to check out Balboa Park, which is quickly becoming the museum district of San Diego. Home to the Museum of Man – one of the most interesting museums that explores man’s origins and sociological implications – and the San Diego Museum of Art, Balboa Park is the destination for culture and sophistication. Balboa Park is also incredibly beautiful to walk around in and the grounds have a rich, complicated history.
  5. Lastly, if you want a little fun in the sun, be sure to visit La Jolla. This moderately affluent beachside community has one of the best beaches in all of San Diego. So if you are looking for a beach to stake your umbrella, to have a fun day in the sand and sea, look no further than La Jolla.

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