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A Guide to Visiting Canada When You’re From the UAE

Canada is among the best countries — full of friendly people, diverse cultures, and a beautiful landscape that includes a rainforest, majestic mountains, a desert, and so much more. Still, it is one of the often skipped destinations of travelers.

Canada makes for an extraordinary road trip country. You can spend several weeks or months exploring the country from one end to another. There is a reason why almost everyone loves Canadians – they rock!

Consider visiting their homeland and find out why. This travel guide provided by the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai will help you plan a memorable and exciting trip to Canada if you are coming from the United Arab Emirates.

Entry Requirements

For guests and tourists who plan to visit Canada by air, the electronic travel authorization or eTA is a new requirement as per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) since 2016. This requirement affects travelers from the more than 50 Canadian visa-exempt countries opting to travel by air. Canadian dual citizens, on the other hand, are advised to use their Canadian passport when traveling to Canada so as to avoid being flagged for not having an eTA.

If you are from Dubai and you want to visit Canada, you can visit this wonderful country as a tourist, make a business trip, or visit your relatives and friends. However, you need to apply for a visit visa to Canada from UAE even when you are visiting Canada on transit.

Remember though that only the IRCC can refuse or approve your visa application. A reputable immigration company can only provide you with administrative services, along with pertinent information about temporary or permanent resident applications. But with their expert services, you do not have to go through all the painstaking visa procedures. Be a smart traveler by leaving all hassles for your entry or visa requirements to these experts.

Visas are issued as single entry visas, which entitle you to visit Canada a single time, and as multiple entry visas that entitle you to enter Canada for six months at a time. These visas are valid for a maximum of 10 years.

Typical Expenses

●     Food

Food can be affordable, especially when you stick to cooking your own food or dining at pubs. A meal can cost around 15-35 CAD but if you choose to cook your food, expect to spend around 50-75 CAD each week.

●     Accommodation

Depending on which city you want to stay at, rates can vary. But, on an average, you may pay about 30 CAD for a dorm room and 65 CAD for a budget hotel room. In larger cities, expect higher rates.

If you want to go camping, you have lots of great options. Prices will depend on the grounds but expect to pay around 10-30 CAD per night. Remember, though, that most campgrounds sell out early so book in advance.

●     Transportation

Since Canada is a huge country, it difficult to get around without a car. You can find excellent public transportation networks within city limits that cost about 3 CAD for a one-way ticket.

When traveling between cities in Quebec and Ontario, the bus is the cheapest option as it costs 1 CAD when booked in advance. If you want to travel from one province to another, renting a car is the best option. This costs between 35-80 CAD each day.

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Canada

1. Go to Calgary

Calgary is one of the liveliest cities in Canada that offers a wide selection of low-cost and free activities for budget travelers. You can have a picnic in one of its parks, dine in Kensington, or go rollerblading. They also have the best kayaking, water rafting, hiking, camping, and skiing facilities in Calgary.

In July, most people go to Calgary for The Calgary Stampede. One of the premier events in Canada, this is a multi-day rodeo, carnival and drinking event. Here, you can pretend to be a cowboy for several days.

2. Visit Vancouver

Vancouver is a wonderful blend of urban and natural beauty. With great Asian food, pleasant weather, and a great music scene, this city is a must-visit destination in Canada. Moreover, it is situated in British Columbia, which is among the more picturesque regions in Canada.

You can go for a hike, shop, eat delicious seafood, lounge on the beach or spot some whales on one of Canada’s famous islands. Aptly named “Vancouver Island” it is close to the city so it is a famous destination for the locals during the summer.

3. Marvel at Montreal

Located in Quebec, Montreal is a beautiful city that offers a look at the French side of the country. It has jazz clubs, an underground mall, amazing cuisine, and beautiful streets. When you visit this place, try their world-famous poutine!

4. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is among the most visited attractions in Canada. You will be amazed at how big and grand it is when you see it up close.

5. The Yukon

If you wish to fulfill your nature trek desires, the Yukon is the best place to visit. Your chance of seeing an elk, deer or bear is pretty high.

Without a doubt, Canada must be on your list of must-visit destinations. Eliminate the hassles related to applying for a visit visa to Canada by enlisting the help of a trusted, full-service immigration company now! They can also help you if you intend to immigrate to Canada from Dubai or the UAE.


Bevan Berning is an Immigration professional and owner of Pathway Visas, an Immigration Agency dealing mostly with skilled immigration to Canada and Australia. Bevan’s enthusiasm for the industry has kept in the Immigration field for the past seven years. Bevan is South African by birth and has been residing in Dubai for the past eight years.

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