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Are We There Yet: Simple Strategies for Mastering the Family Road Trip

Road trips are the best of trips. They say ‘All good things are wild and free’ and what better way to experience this than on road trips? While a road trip may sound too daunting for you to plan and pull off, the jolly good thing about it is its spontaneity and the burst of energy t brings about! You should try it to believe it.

Below are some useful tips to help you pack the most fun into your family road trip:

Hit It with the Jeep

Hit the road in a vehicle which is accommodating, yet sturdy enough to go up terrains. A robust vehicle which is not shy of maneuvering in the mountains yet is strong enough to charge through swamps is just the travel buddy you need. Why should you miss out on the road fun for the fear of damaging your car?

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Keep It Safe

Though road trips have the tendency in them to get many a people reckless, there’re some thrilling facts you should be mindful of. For instance, many incidents occur between midnight and 6 am and in the time period from 2 pm to 4 pm. So, keep your eyes wide open.

Also, you would be surprised to know how many accidents occur just 50 km short of the destination. So if you’re nearly there, relax, but make sure you keep driving safely.


Sleeping and giving some rest to your eyes is highly recommended. If you’re having difficulty fighting off sleep, hand over the wheel to someone and take a nap. You can also head over towards a driver spot to rest down your head.

Know the Signs of Fatigue

The rhythmic, slow motion of the car is soothing and almost sleep-inducing! So before getting behind the wheel, know the telltale signs of fatigue so that you stay awake or tell the other member of the family to drive your jeep. Some of these signs include difficulty in focusing (with frequent blinking), disconnected/disjointed thoughts, missing traffic signs, repeated yawning, feelings of restlessness, blurred vision, impatience, and hearing humming in ears.

If you experience any of these signs, take a rest and hand over the car to someone else for driving.

Be High on Energy

Low energy levels mean you’ll have difficulty keeping your head up. So driving on a full stomach is a no-no. Also, loading up on caffeine to keep your eyes wide open is not a good idea as well. Besides this, to avoid feeling full while driving, save the cheesy burgers and lasagnas for some other time. Best foods are those which are fresh and light such as fruits and sandwiches.

The Bottom Line

Well, are you geared up for your next trip? If you’ve packed the essentials and have prepared well without welcoming any fatigue, you’re ready to go. Get hold of a heavy-duty vehicle, hit the trail, and have a life-changing experience as you go about whirling with the highway winds!

Robert Kaur has a daughter and two sons and is a real family man. His hobby, and passion, lies in the auto world. Anything relating to cars and he's there! He writes about all manner of auto topics for an online audience.

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