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Bushwick is the best area to live in Brooklyn

This neighborhood has been flooding with residents looking for both long and short-term rentals

At first glance, Bushwick appears to be Brooklyn’s most diverse neighborhood. According to Census data, 45 percent of Bushwick residents identify as Hispanic or Latino, while only 19 percent identify as white. Other ethnicities are much smaller, especially Asians and blacks, which make up about 1 percent each.

Perhaps Bushwick’s biggest draw is its location. Only 10 minutes away from Manhattan, this Brooklyn neighborhood is easily accessible via subway. The A, C, J, Z, and M trains all stop at Bushwick’s main station, Marcy Avenue.

Bushwick is also home to a variety of neighborhoods, including East Williamsburg and Williamsburg. While a few areas have apartment buildings, the majority of Bushwick’s housing units are single-family homes, condos, and co-ops.

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Because Bushwick is so spread out, not all areas of the neighborhood are as lively as others. In general, the eastern area is more commercial, while the western side is more residential. Still, both neighborhoods have plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops.

The neighborhood’s history

Like many other areas in New York, Bushwick’s urbanization grew rapidly. From the end of the Civil War to 1920, the City of Brooklyn underwent urbanization which was mostly spurred by large-scale immigration from Europe rather than local population growth. At this point, Bushwick began losing its demographic distribution of exclusively German immigrants and also became home to recently arrived immigrant groups including Italians, Polish-Americans, and Russians.

Once Bushwick was annexed by the city of Brooklyn, things began to change. Bushwick’s proximity to Williamsburg made it a prime real estate opportunity. Bushwick became an industrial hub for produce, meat, sugar, vinegar, and alcohol. These industries attracted settlers from Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

In Bushwick, the architecture is as varied as its community. The neighborhood includes a wide mix of row-house bricks, brownstones, and apartment buildings as well as the more modern lofts and condos. On Paul Avenue, the southern end of the neighborhood, residents enjoy a view of Midtown Manhattan.

Bushwick now

There’s been a lot of change in Bushwick. And it’s not over yet. With new residents, comes a new culture. So, what was once a neighborhood made up of working-class families is now a diverse community encompassing old and young residents alike, all with different interests and opinions.

It’s gotten to the point where we’ve gotten rid of our cable and gotten Netflix because we want to watch shows that we can relate to on an everyday level, which often means TV shows that feature people like us: millennials and post-millennials (I’m not even sure I like the term “post-millennial,” but for the sake of this article, it applies here).

Bushwick has quickly become one of New York City’s hottest destinations. The neighborhood has become known for its pivotal role in the city’s art scene, attracting creative millennials looking for affordable rent and warehouse spaces to make their mark.

Today, Bushwick is like a frontier town in a cowboy movie: a town filled with quirky characters and a bustling, worn center of commerce flanked by foreign territories filled with wide-open opportunities. Though there have been some changes in recent years, Bushwick still remains true to its independent roots.

How safe is Bushwick?

How safe is Bushwick? No matter where you live, feeling safe in a neighborhood is among the top criteria used when choosing where to live. That said, Bushwick has seen an almost 50% drop in crime since 1990. 

What can you do in Bushwick?

A lot of people are moving to Bushwick because it has a lot to offer. Whether you are adventurous or not, this neighborhood in NYC will surely surprise you in many ways. There are tons of art galleries, different parks to visit, good food, and wonderful architecture around the neighborhood. If you’re new in town or just coming back to New York City after a long trip, this could be an adventure perfect for you! Here are some things to do here:

Go shopping 

There are plenty of retail businesses in Bushwick. Many of the independent businesses in the neighborhood are found along Wilson Avenue, which is lined with small shops selling children’s clothes, antiques, tchotchkes, t-shirts featuring local landmarks, used clothing stores, and more. There is also an increasing number of boutiques selling high-end fashion.

Try the fantastic food

Bushwick, Brooklyn has long been a hotspot for many different ethnicities. There are plenty of bars with delicious drinks, restaurants that serve up amazing food, and art galleries galore. Here are some things you should check out when in the neighborhood. I’m sure you’ll find something to enjoy.

Go for a Walk in the Park

There are many things to do in Bushwick, but there are even more that can be done outside of the neighborhood. One of these places is Four Corners Playground which is located in Maspeth. The other place is McCarren Park at the end of Lorimer Street which you are bound to pass by when coming into Bushwick from Williamsburg.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of things to do in Bushwick to keep you busy. Aside from being one of the up-and-coming neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it has plenty of activities to help you stay active, but also fun things for your downtime too. So whether you’re thinking about moving here or already live here, above you have some of the best things to do in Bushwick!

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