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The Best Seasons To Charter A Yacht

Hiring a yacht is most suited for luxurious types of vacation. There are certain seasons when to travel with a yacht is best at a price. Nowadays, travel restrictions are everywhere and a yacht charter can bring your family and friends to destinations away from the crowd.

Read on to know when is the best time to charter a yacht, in or out of season!

When to charter a yacht?

Yacht chartering is simply hiring a luxurious boat to bring you on a tour. Anyone can ride a yacht in different seasons at any time of the year. Choosing the best time can be crucial as things must be considered, such as weather conditions across the destinations.

Here are three various seasons when it is best to hire a yacht:

1. Winter or Summer Seasons

Winter and summer seasons last for six months every year, depending on the location. To mention a few of the popular destinations during winter include Florida, Caribbean Sea, and Indian Ocean. Cold weather will begin in November until the latter part of the month of April.

If you are planning to charter a yacht in summer, you must visit the Mediterranean and the north part of Europe. Summer begins in May and ends in October.

These seasons are highly recommended for yacht travels because of the great views across the ocean. Many sea activities can be done during those times which add up to your experience that could occur once in a lifetime. It is also when students are on a vacation while the employees can sign for a short leave.

2. Peak or Off-Peak Seasons

This one is also called high/low seasons for yacht chartering. It includes the months when most individuals are the busiest.

For example, the months of July and August guarantee more tourists compared to the other months during summer. Holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year are also the peak seasons to hire a yacht to enjoy a family reunion.

During peak and off-peak seasons, yacht availability will be less and demands a higher cost compared to normal days. It is the perfect time for a getaway with families and friends.

3. Shoulder Seasons

Last but not least is the shoulder seasons. It is between April to May, and September to October, or during summer. The difference is that shoulder seasons accept a lesser crowd and so more options of boats and other yacht paraphernalias.

Most tourists prefer this season because of the light breeze and good heat coming from the sunlight that is perfect for sunbathing. There will also be no signs of bad weather to ruin the moment.

The cost of chartering a yacht

Chartering price varies per season for some reasons. Low season tends to offer a yacht at a high price as well. Why is that so? It means many boats are available and one client who will pay for a single yacht is an opportunity for the provider.

While during high seasons, prices tend to get low due to the high demand of yacht chartering. For instance, a superyacht with deluxe features may cost less than a million dollars during low season. This will eventually reduce a little amount on high seasons.

Other factors that could impact the chartering cost are local events and the yacht availability.

Facts about hiring a yacht out of season

Each country has different seasons to watch when chartering a yacht. Some yachts are hardwearing and capable of any kind of weather. These are called explorer yachts made for rough weather expeditions. However, if given a chance to choose when to travel, go when the climate and sea is all good.

Determine the possible chaos on the locations you want to visit. For example, in Florida, where hurricanes may happen between June and November. Northern Europe may also experience heavy rainfalls during winter which can be dangerous to travel at seas.

The owner of the yacht also has the right for the availability of the luxurious boat for hire. If they decide to charter the yacht for specific destinations and months, then that is the only time you can book the yacht.

Other things to consider

A yacht broker can assist you in finding the best yacht, destinations, and in booking a yacht on the right seasons. They also ensure a smooth travel by inspecting all the engines before and during the trip.

Furthermore, negotiate to the broker how long you will be on board, whether for 10 days or a week longer. Staying in a larger yacht for longer periods is possible. It is made up of complete amenities and even has the internet to live life as usual.

Booking a yacht during peak seasons should be months before the trip to secure the boat and other pieces of stuff you really want. Off-season yacht charters require six months ahead to book a boat.

Where to charter a yacht?

To hire a yacht in Phuket is a dream come true. Each type of yacht promises to bring clients to beautiful destinations where you can enjoy and relax. You can watch the best spots with your families and guests, and away from the city. They charter 25 yachts that could cater several guests, inclusive of essential services and goods. The price ranges up to $200,000, it is either crewed or without a crew.

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