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A Guide to Traveling Comfortably

Traveling is one of the best ways to enjoy your time off of work, your school holidays, and even your weekends off. Whether you’re traveling for work, seeing the sights on a school trip, or going to visit your friends and family across the country, there are a lot of exciting things you can do.

From meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and traditions, tasting new foods, and seeing new sights, there’s a lot to enjoy. However, one of the most common complaints of those who travel regularly is the discomfort and pain often associated with the travel itself. 

It’s no secret that traveling can be uncomfortable. Luckily, this guide breaks down everything you need to know about how to travel comfortably, safely, and stay pain-free on your trip. 

Comfort is a journey. Here’s how you can travel comfortably thanks to Everlasting Comfort! Keep reading to learn more.

The Neck Pillow You’ve Dreamed Of

There are many tools to use that can help you travel comfortably, but the most popular tool is the neck pillow. While neck pillows are often known for being stiff, unsupportive, and lacking in qualities that keep them cool and comfortable, many still use them on planes, trains, and even car rides to help them sleep and relax during their trips.

While the neck pillows of old are still popular travel accessories, luckily, we’ve reimagined the ordinary neck pillow and redesigned it to be everything you need and more. Here’s how our neck pillow is everything you’ve dreamed of.

Ergonomic U-Shape

Most travel pillows have the same bulky rounded shape. However, this shape can sometimes make it more difficult to relax, make your neck feel stiff, and fail to offer the support and comfort you need. Luckily, our neck pillow is designed differently! 

WIth an ergonomic U-shape design, this pillow is made with raised lobes that support your neck. Whether you’re looking ahead, leaning back, or tilting your neck from side to side, you will be able to take advantage of this shape to stay comfortable.

Memory Foam and Gel

This gel-infused memory foam pillow is able to offer the benefits of comfortable memory foam, with added benefits of a gel top layer. This top layer has ventilation holes that offer extra breathability and help keep you cool while on the road, sleeping, or just leaning back in your seat. 

Traveling Safety

Staying comfortable on the road is important, but staying safe is too. Getting sick or injured while traveling can seriously hinder your ability to stay comfortable. Two of the best practices to staying safe while traveling are using personal hygiene products like sanitizer and staying mindful on your trip.


Hand sanitizers typically kill 99% of bacteria on your hands. Bringing a sanitizer in your purse or backpack while traveling and in a new location can make a big difference in your personal safety. Other hygiene and cleanliness products can help as well. 


In addition to regular cleanliness practices, mindfulness is key. Simply being aware of your surroundings, what you’ve touched, how often you sanitize and wash your hands, and those around you can make a big difference when it comes to personal and public safety!

Other Tips for Traveling in Comfort

Using our neck pillow is an excellent way to stay comfortable on the road. Here are a few other tips to help you travel in comfort.

  • Wear comfortable clothes! The clothes you wear while traveling can have a big impact on your comfort level. Try to wear comfortable clothes like athleisure, loungewear, or comfortable casual clothing. If you need to travel in business clothes or a uniform, try to wear more comfortable accessories and shoes if possible. 
  • Bring activities you enjoy. Staying comfortable on a trip isn’t just about sleeping. Bring games, books, or other activities you enjoy.
  • If you have motion sickness, be sure to stock up on the right tools to help. Things like essential oils, ginger ale, and motion sickness medications can help soothe any car or plane related sickness. 
  • Bring an eye mask. This will help you sleep better while you’re traveling in a car or plane.

Your Comfort Journey

Comfort looks different for everyone. Whether you’re flying, driving, traveling across the globe or simply traveling to another state, having the right tools can make all the difference. This guide will help you stay comfortable and pain-free while traveling.

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