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A Fairy Tale Cruise to the Blue Lagoon of Comino

Malta, Gozo and Comino are like a cluster of glittering gems embedded in the perfect setting. This Mediterranean archipelago has provided countless visitors with the tools to shrug off the stresses of their every-day lives, and enjoy nature at her best. It doesn’t hurt that parts of the region are only accessible by boat, and the ideal way to reach them is on board a Turkish Gullet boat equipped with everything required to delve beneath the crystal clear waters. The Gozo to Blue Lagoon cruise is viewed by many as the ultimate in enjoyment and relaxation.

The Turkish Gullet boats are reminiscent of the sailing ships of old, and create a real ‘Jack Sparrow’ sense of adventure, but any resemblance stops there. These large two-masted gaff rigged vessels are purely geared toward providing great food, drinks and entertainment to passengers. The spacious decks give the delicious buffet lunches served there a jovial holiday atmosphere and the saloons equally so. It somehow creates a greater sense of appreciation for the sheer beauty of the passing scenery and the year-round almost perfect weather: and then there is that ocean. This boat has prepared well for the passenger’s enjoyment of what lies beneath those immaculate blue waters.

There can be no clearer reflection of the pure white floor of this section of the Mediterranean Sea than from the crystal waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino Island. Swimming or snorkelling here gives the almost surreal feeling of being adrift between land, ocean and sky as colours melt into one another. It is an underwater adventure seldom matched in other oceans of the world and is what draws visitors to these islands again and again. The sand seems to rise seamlessly from the sea to become a thick carpet of warm, dry land for lazing on if you could tear yourself away from that darn ocean and its kaleidoscopic diversity. With this island’s population of only 10, Blue Lagoon to a large extent suffers little pollution and its waters will hopefully remain transparently clean for a long time to come.

Cruising along the stunning bays of Malta with its cliffs and coves is nothing short of bliss. The striking abundant greenery of the Gozo Island makes it a strong contender to replace Ireland as the renowned ‘Green Isle’. Whether you are taking the Gozo to Blue Lagoon cruise or enjoying the many pleasures and treasures on land, lasting memories will be imprinted and in all likelihood renewed and shared whenever the opportunity arises.

Thomas Edwards has been an international traveller since the early ‘80s and has widely covered Europe, the USA and as far afield as Thailand, Hong Kong and China.  He has written as both a business, individual and family traveller and a language or two has given him the opportunity to engage with people to a greater degree.

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