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7 Things You Need to Know Before Your First Time Private Jet Flight

Flying on a private jet is a dream for many people.

While it may sound unrealistic, flying on a private is still valid as the world is rapidly progressing, and the economy is growing.

Whatever seemed unaffordable is getting into the reach of many dreamers. In Chicago, private jets have now become widely popular and are very affordable.

If you are planning to fly on a private jet for the first time, here are the 7 essential things you should keep in mind:

1. Timing for the Best Deal is Crucial

Unlike commercial airlines, private jets constantly move across the world at an instant’s notice.

However, the prices usually fluctuate often depending on time. Hence, it is wise to see the best time that has perfect deals and book in advance.

If you are looking forward to using a jet as a way to get to Chicago, make sure you book a trip early.

2. Watch Your Luggage

Before you set out for a private jet trip, it is good you understand that you will not be allowed to carry any amount of luggage that you will bring.

Even private jets have a limit of the weight that every passenger is allowed to carry.

You should try to be lightweight. This is because the rigid suitcases and bags cannot fit into the baggage compartment and hard to handle.

3. Put Your Documents in Order

Private jets are efficient since you don't have to follow the typical protocols and long queues at the airport.

However, this does not mean you will not carry basic documents like your IDs and Passport.

For international flights, you will have to follow the normal immigration procedures.

It is advisable to carry and organize your travel documents in order for easy and convenient travel in your private jet.

4. Set a Schedule and Notify Your Crew

One of the significant advantages of using private is its flexibility in travel schedules. They allow you to set your own travel time. This helps you avoid waiting for long periods at the airport.

To make the whole process even more efficient, you can notify your travel crew of your schedule to allow for preparations and get take-off clearances sooner.

5. Avoid Sneaking Alcohol and Other Beverages into the Jet

Many private jet companies have restrictions against bringing your alcohol into the plane. There is no reason to do this because drinks are provided for free on the jet.

The rule is that drinks and beverages are served on board by the crew or the stewardess. If you bring your drinks onboard, you can give it to the crew, who will place it on ice for some time before you are allowed to consume it.

Wine, especially the red one, can stain the jet’s inside whenever it spills, and hence it is not allowed.

6. Understand the Common Etiquette

While private jets offer a lot of flexibility on how you carry yourself, there are a few etiquettes that you should understand before you set out for your trip.

In these planes, you are allowed to wear attires of your choice. However, this does not mean you have to be very official neither are you allowed to be very casual.

Tipping the crew is not mandatory, but it is a good sign. You can tip the crew and always remain kind to them.

7. You Get What You Pay for

Most people fly with jet for safety, security, convenience, and luxury. If you can afford to pay higher prices, you get a newer jet that guarantees all your needs.

But if you cannot afford it, it's better to pay for the cheaper ones since they still guarantee safety and security.

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