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5 Essential Tips for Planning a Perfect Vacation to Dubai

From the perfect months to visit, to what to wear, and the benefits of booking a luxury private tour in Dubai, read on for the five essential tips for planning your perfect vacation to Dubai.

1. Pick the right time of year.

Dubai is a fantastic destination to visit throughout the year, and you can be assured that whenever you visit, the weather will be warm. However, depending on where you are visiting from, you may want to seriously consider the weather as Dubai can get extremely hot. After all, it is the desert!

Dubai has two distinct summer and winter seasons. For this reason, the best time to visit Dubai is from November to April when the weather is still warm but manageable. During this period, you can still expect to see blue skies every day and a low probability of rain.

For example, in November, the average high temperature in Dubai is 25⁰C with average lows of 19⁰C while in March, the average temperature is 23⁰C with increasing humidity. Generally, it is recommended that you avoid visiting Dubai in August as the average temperature is between 29⁰C to 41⁰C with extreme humidity.

2. Pack appropriately.

To be a conscious traveler, it is crucial that you consider the culture of a destination while packing your clothes. As Dubai is located in an Islamic state, it is vital that travelers dress modestly. This is particularly important while you are in cultural areas and places of religious worship where you have to cover your body from your shoulders to your knees.

While you won't get arrested in Dubai for not dressing conservatively, you may attract a lot of unwanted attention, which isn't very comfortable.

That being said, you are able to wear swimwear when you are involved in water-based activities or at your hotel pool, beach, or spa. Additionally, if you are going to Dubai during the winter months, make sure to pack a light sweater and jacket as it can get a lot cooler in the evening.

3. Book your seaplane excursions in advance.

One of the best parts about visiting Dubai is the array of activities and excursions with which you can fill your days and nights. While desert safaris are some of the most popular excursions, there are more off-the-beaten-path options for those who are looking for something different – particularly seaplane excursions. For many travelers, booking a luxury private tour in Dubai is the highlight of their time in the Emirate.

For example, a seaplane signature and heritage tour will first take you on a 45-minute aerial tour of Dubai's extraordinary skyline. During this private tour, you will be able to see the Burj Al-Arab, Palm Jumeirah and The World Islands from a vantage point that few get to experience.

Additionally, you will see the beauty of Dubai Creek from above before making your water landing and then exploring the area's famous spice market with a knowledgeable guide. Next, you will hop on board a traditional “abra” boat to cross the water and explore the Dubai Museum and the alleys and souks of the Al Bastakiya quarter.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a trip of a lifetime that takes you out of Dubai for a little while, consider a Six Senses Zighy Bay excursion. This seaplane trip takes you to Zighy Bay, Oman which is surrounded by sand and the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Oman. While the destination is stunning, the journey itself is magical as you will fly over unparalleled views of the desert, mountains, coastline, and private beaches.

Once you arrive in Zighy Bay, you can spend your days snorkelling,  kayaking, playing in the water, and rock-climbing. Then, you can spend your evenings indulging at the Six Senses Spa, enjoying a sunset cruise, and reveling in Omani cuisine and hospitality.

4. Understand local laws and customs.

In order to have the best trip to Dubai possible, it is essential that you educate yourself on local laws and customs. By familiarizing yourself with these rules and regulations, you can ensure your time in Dubai is fun and stress-free.

First and foremost, Dubai may have different rules concerning alcoholic beverages than you have in your country of residence. Foreigners in Dubai are allowed to consume alcohol; however, it can only be purchased from licensed alcohol retail stores and bars. Additionally, public consumption of alcohol is banned, and there are hefty fines for being caught drinking in public. Similarly, there are other behaviors that should be avoided when in public, including holding hands and kissing.

Don't take photographs of government and military buildings and other people without their permission. In fact, Dubai has laws that prohibit individuals from taking a picture of someone without their knowledge. For this reason, posting an image on your social media of an individual without their consent is deemed a serious offense.

5. Choose the right accommodation.

No matter your budget, you are guaranteed to find a fantastic place to stay in Dubai. From budget hotels to luxury villas, hotel apartments to rental properties, there is something for everyone in Dubai. Once you have a better idea of your interests in the city, you will be able to choose accommodation that is in the vicinity.

When choosing a place to stay in Dubai, it is crucial to consider the location. For most visitors, the ideal location is around The Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa as this is the most central location; however, this also means that it is the most crowded. Another fantastic option is by the Dubai Marina which puts you close to Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab. Or, for a different experience, consider staying in Old Dubai or near Jumeirah Beach, which is close to beach resorts, shops and restaurants.

Have you ever been to Dubai? If so, do you have any additional tips to add to this list? If not, is it a place that is on your travel bucket list? What are you most excited to do there? Let us know your thoughts and any additional insights in the comments below!


Mithu Agarwal is the Commercial Director at Seawings LLC, a trusted provider of commercial seaplane tours and charters in the UAE. The company offers aerial tours of the UAE, taking off from the Dubai Seaplane Terminal, Port Rashid and JA The Resort through which you can discover the thrill of travelling by a seaplane. Whisking passengers to 1500 feet, the route soars past the iconic city skylines, offering sublime views of the country's architectural marvels.

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