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5 Tips for Traveling Lightly to Spain

After a long winter, most of us are glad to see the sun shining again as we turn our thoughts towards our summer holidays. Amongst the most popular of these are affordable family trips and other cheap holidays to spain, one of the top destinations in Europe. There are many must-see places in Spain, whether it is the city of Barcelona or the beaches of the Costa Del Sol, there is something for all of the family.

Whatever type of holiday is chosen though, there is no escape from the preparation involved. One of the most arduous of these tasks is the packing and below, there are five tips to help you pack lightly for your holiday

Think Local

When we pack, most of us think about what we need to take rather than what we will find when we get there. The reality is that most Spanish destinations will have shops where you can find the same or similar products as in the UK, so there is no need to pack anything such as tea bags that you will find there too.

Wash and Dry

Don’t overpack your clothes. Spain is a hot country and most hotels and apartments will have balconies or other facilities where you can hang your clothes out to dry. Try to take as few clothes as possible and buy some washing powder there. A quick hand wash and putting them out to dry will see your clothes ready to wear again in a few hours.


Most of us like to read on our holidays but books are bulky and can weigh a lot too. It is worth considering purchasing a digital reader to store all of your books on. This will reduce the size of your luggage instantly.


Unlike the UK, if it rains in Spain, it will probably do so intensely for a short time and then the sun will break through once more. There really isn’t any need to pack wet weather clothing so leave your overcoat and umbrella at home; you simply won’t need them.


One of the best tips for packing lightly is to buy a reasonable size suitcase. Buying one that is extra large will only encourage you and your family to fill it up; this seems to be human nature. If you buy a smaller one, then you will have to make choices about what to leave out and you can almost guarantee that what you don’t take, you won’t miss and you will simply be able to relax and enjoy your holiday in the sun.

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