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Tips Before Entering into a Car Rental Deal

Saving money for a car rental is not a simple thing especially in the modern days when many people in Singapore are faced with hard financial times. It is, therefore important to develop strategies to ensure that you do not miss that desired vacation because of lack of enough money to rent a car. Below are some of the tips and tricks you can use to get the best deal when you rent an exclusive limo.

1. Try different options.

Many car rental places in Singapore have their own twists in which they confuse clients. The best advice in order to get the best deal is to try several options when doing the shopping. For instance many car rental companies have varying rates depending on when you rent the exclusive limo. The cost is cheaper when you rent the car during weekdays because the demand is usually low compared to weekends when the demand is usually high. By hiring a car from Monday to Thursday you would save some cash instead of doing it from Friday to Monday when the price is high because of high demand.

2. Do not rent when the taxes and fees are high.

Car rental companies in Singapore earn a lot of money by selling insurance, gas and adding taxes and fees. It is, therefore advisable to rent a car when the taxes and fees are a bit low. You can avoid such cost by renting an exclusive limo from a hotel or in car companies that are not located in places such as airports to avoid paying airport fee. Before deciding to hire a car from a company check whether it charges such exorbitant fees.

3. Never return the car without a full tank of gas.

Always ensure that you return the car with its tank filled with gas if you rented the car with a full tank. Car rental companies have ranging charges per gallon if you return the car without filling the gas. It is also important that you take care of the car insurance that are sold by many car rental firms in Singapore. If you have a personal car insurance that can cover the car rental it is advisable to save the money and do not fall on the sales techniques used by the companies.

4. Check the fees and taxes.

When renting a car, it is good that you first understand fees and taxes involved. Car rental companies advertise deals that look too good in the face value. Most of them will not show you some fees that are involved, for example, insurance, surcharges, mandatory theft protection and change of driver charges.

5. Book your car rental online.

With the advent of internet technology most of the car rental companies in Singapore have turned to advertise themselves online. Therefore, do your car rental booking online and then contact them in order to make a reservation. When contacting the companies, ask about the fees, taxes and other offers provided. Ensure that the rate quoted online is the actual rate to avoid falling into trap of entering into a deal that is not real.

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