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5 Rustic and Romantic Vacation Ideas for Outdoorsy Couples

Romantic vacations can come in many forms. For some couples, the tropical paradise of an island getaway or luxurious cruise is the ultimate in rest and relaxation. Others, however, prefer a more adventurous vacation. Outdoorsy couples have many unique and romantic vacation options available. Consider some of these rustic and romantic getaways for your next vacation to put a little life into your rest and relaxation.

  1. Spend Your Nights in the Trees
    As children, many of us enjoyed nothing more than spending time in tree houses. They were secret club hideouts and private dens of seclusion that offered a chance to get away from everything. Unfortunately, almost everyone grew out of this stage in life long ago. Revisit that old feeling of childhood with a new romantic twist. Rustic resorts like Treehouse Point in Issaquah, WA offer couples like you the chance to revisit that nostalgic feeling by spending your nights up in the trees.
  2. Take Exhilarating Hikes Through Nature
    Few things are more exciting than a scenic nature hike for today’s outdoorsy couple. Get away from the disposable amenities and artificial ecosystems of the city and spend some time out in the wilderness on an exhilarating hike through nature. The Appalachian Trail is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the country, and you can choose how much of the trail you want to explore. Other famous parks like Yosemite and Big Sur offer fantastic hiking options on the west coast. Choose from the most well-known hiking destinations in the States, or find your own more secluded locales closer to home.
  3. Visit Luxurious Hot Springs
    Rustic getaways don’t need to be as arduous or adventurous as a journey through the wilderness. If you’d prefer to kick back and enjoy the relaxing luxuries of a classic resort, there’s nothing better than a hot spring. Dunton Hot Springs in Colorado is home to some of the most romantic and luxurious springs in the country, and there are plenty more great resorts in Palm Springs, CA as well as numerous other cities. Find a hot spring resort that suits your tastes and experience the ultimate in romantic relaxation.
  4. Rent Out a Mountain Cottage
    You can experience the rustic charm of homesteading in the mountains without packing up and moving off the grid. Guest House Log Cottages in Whidbey Island in Washington offers beautiful and charming getaway choices for couples from all over the world. Spend your time enjoying the rustic homey feeling of your own cottage or explore the surrounding areas on ferries to Seattle or Canada. This lovely resort in the farthest corner of the country is as far as you can get from the stress of daily life.
  5. A Cabin in the Woods
    To get away without getting too far away, consider spending your next vacation in a woodsy cabin. Resorts like Broken Bow Cabins offer a range of options, from the height of luxury to the epitome of roughing it. Find the perfect cabin for your next vacation at one of these great resorts and enjoy the most romantic outdoorsy getaway you could ever hope to spend with your partner.