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5 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

There’s nothing like taking some time off from the stresses of jobs, budgeting and all of your other responsibilities to head off for a nice, relaxing vacation. But if your significant other is pregnant, things get a bit more complicated. There’s certainly no reason to keep yourself housebound in this situation, as long as the health concerns are all covered. But traveling while pregnant does deserve a little bit of extra planning and consideration. It’s quite common today, with many couples even heading out for a ‘babymoon’, a little down time in a beautiful locale in the months before the bundle of joy makes his or her first appearance. So book your flight and get excited, with these five tips to help you travel while pregnant.

First of all, make sure your health is taken care of. It’s not a bad idea to reach out to your doctor before locking in the trip to get a bit of advice. First of all, there are certain parts of the world where various diseases come into play that you don’t have to worry about here in the United States. And exposure while pregnant isn’t always the best idea. In addition, some regions have poor healthcare services, or little to no access. So this probably isn’t the time to head off for a safari in some remote corner of Africa. Finally, the best timing for traveling while pregnant is when you’re in your second trimester. This way you’re not dealing with morning sickness, and you can still move around in relative comfort.

Next, think about picking up some travel insurance. This is that element you usually scoff at and pass over. After all, why would you ever miss your trip? But when you’re traveling during a pregnancy you might want to think again. First of all, you’ll be covered if you have to cancel or postpone the trip for any reason. And with travel insurance you can rest easy that any health issues you or your significant other experience abroad will be handled with the highest quality available care.

While you might usually rough it on an adventurous vacation, now may be the time to beef up your modes of transportation. Airplanes are usually pretty uncomfortable, but during pregnancy they can be absolute torture. Consider spending the extra for business or first class seating, or at the very least pay for those premium coach seats near the front of the plane. A little bit of extra legroom will be hugely appreciated during a pregnancy. Make sure you get an aisle seat so you can walk around, stretch a bit and avoid the rare chance of a blood clot. And when you get to your destination, consider a taxi or car service over public transportation.

Now you’ll need to make sure food and water are appropriately covered. Make sure you’ve got a constant supply of fresh water on hand, as hydration is crucial during pregnancy. Bring healthy snacks along as well, and leave room to carry those random cravings that you might not be able to pick up at your destination. If you’re traveling abroad, think about the purity of the water supply, and choose your food purchases carefully.

Finally, pack with a bit of anticipation. You chose to invest in that cord blood bank service just in case the unexpected were to arrive, so do the same when packing your luggage. Keep everything light, so you don’t have to lug heavy bags around. Make sure you’ve got layers, so you’re prepared for the weather, and don’t forget those comfortable shoes. With the right supplies, you should be good to go.

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