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5 NYC Taxi Travel Tips to Save You Money

There’s no better way to get around the Big Apple than by cab. And the drivers in this massive metropolitan area are a rare breed that is seemingly unafraid to honk, holler, and cut off other drivers in order to get you where you’re going. But travel by taxi can cost a pretty penny. So here are a few ways to cut costs when you hit the city that never sleeps and count on cabs to get around.

  1. Compare prices. Whether you call ahead or shop online, it’s your job as a consumer to exercise due diligence in price checking to make sure that you find the service you seek at the best rate. Although rates are likely to be fairly similar amongst cab companies in NYC, you may be able to secure special offers, including discounts, flat rates, and more simply by checking out different companies and taking them up on current deals. At the very least you’ll find the best fares offered. And with a website like Taxi Fare Finder (or their mobile app Taxi Finder, available on iTunes) you can not only find rate comparisons, but you’ll also get access to reviews and contact information for the cab companies you’re considering.
  2. Call in advance. One of the best ways to ensure that the rate you are quoted is the rate you pay is to call for a booking in advance. In some cases you’ll actually get a better rate by calling ahead for door-to-door service than you would by hailing a cab on the street. It’s certainly the best way to ensure that the company with the lowest rates picks you up.
  3. Ask for help. If you haven’t traveled to New York City before, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. So don’t hesitate to question the concierge at your hotel. His job is to ensure that you have the best stay possible so that you’ll return. And this professional should be able to give you tips on which cab companies are the most reliable, how to get where you want to go, and how much you should expect to pay. He can also schedule rides for you.
  4. Use your smartphone. Ever since Google bought traffic app Waze, it’s become easier than ever for drivers to navigate parts unknown. And if you’re going to travel by taxi, it could pay to whip out your phone and look for the most direct route to your destination with the least traffic. Although your driver may have a few tricks up his sleeve when it comes to taking back streets or avoiding high-traffic areas or streets that are lousy with stop signs that are going to slow you down, you should keep track of where you’re going so you can make sure that you’re getting from point A to point B in an expedient and affordable manner.
  5. Share a ride. Finding an affordable taxi is no easy feat, but any cab ride can be made less expensive by splitting the cost with another traveler. So whether you’re at a taxi stand at the airport or at your hotel, try chatting up the other people waiting in line to see if anyone is going your way. The first person to hop out simply pays half the fare at the time (plus tip) and you both get to enjoy the low-cost taxi travel you’re looking for.

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