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3 Top Tips for Travelling Golfers

As strange as it may sound, increasingly adverse weather conditions in the UK and the U.S. may be encouraging residents to invest in a lavish, sunshine get-away this winter. While the natural light may be a little more pallid and the climate somewhat chillier, there is always a sun-kissed resort or destination for those with enough disposable income to escape to. This is actually a wonderful time of year to plot an international escape, as the cost of booking international trips is usually far cheaper during the winter months.

With so many luxury golf courses dotted throughout the world, enthusiasts often choose to make a booking during winter. But what should travelling players keep in mind during their trip? Consider the following: -

1.       Pack the Necessary Garments

Whether you visit a golf club in the UK (such as the Barnham Broom Hotel) or one located abroad, there is likely to be at least a semblance of a formal and rigid dress code. This is inherent to the sport, so you will need to do your research and ensure that you pack the right garments. So while golf resorts in sunshine capitals throughout the world tend to be a little more relaxed and less stringent than their British counterparts, it is important to leave room in your case for multiple clothes and potential outfits.

2.       Leave your Equipment at Home

For those of you with a more professional approach, you may well consider your clubs as an extension of your arm. Unless you are actually a professional who is travelling to complete in a tournament for a cash sum, however, it makes absolutely no sense to pack your clubs and pay the inflated and disproportionate shipping fees. Instead, simply take the small and portable basics and make a commitment to hire clubs when you reach your destination.

3.       Travel with an Active and Motivated Group

Unless you prefer to travel in solitude and play golf as a way of relaxing or honing your game, you will need to travel with playing partners if you are to enjoy a genuinely memorable stay. Travelling as part of a like-minded and motivated group can also save you money, as it enables you to share the logistical costs of flights, train fare and accommodation. While a domestic trip may be easier for those who aspire to travel in groups, anything is possible if you are determined and able to plan in a proactive manner.

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