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Travel Money Tips: Essential Holiday Saving Advice

You don’t have to be a miser to want to save money on your travels. In fact, even if you’re swimming in luxurious hotels and a decadent lifestyle, it makes sense not to pay over the odds for anything, including your travel money. When you consider that the national rate of disposable income is unlikely to rise in the UK until 2015, too many people pay far too much when it comes to paying for things both at home and abroad, so take a look at these tips to make sure you’re maximising your money, so you have more to spend on the finer things in life: –

  1. Find Cheap Travel Money 

Instead of taking the easy route and buying your money at the airport (and end up paying extortionate rates), take the time to do your research and find the most competitive rates. If you’re finding it difficult, simply ask how much you’ll get for a certain amount after all the charges. If, however, you find you have no choice, consider ordering ahead for airport pickup, as you’ll get a slightly better rate than at the airport itself.

  1. Don’t Pay on Credit Card at the Bureaux de Change

Paying on a credit card at a UK Bureaux de Change counts as an overseas cash withdrawal, so you’re likely to be charged a fee for doing so, even if you clear the card in full. However, paying on your debit card does not incur a charge at any more.

However, if you are actually abroad, withdrawing cash on a credit or debit card will incur a fee. If you have to, try to withdraw larger amounts so you don’t have to withdraw cash often. With a credit card, you may also pay interest on the amount you withdraw too.

  1. Consider your Exact Type of Holiday

Not all domestic or international holidays have been created equal, with the result that there are a number of different types that have a direct impact on the amount that you spend. From independently sourced all-inclusive trips to the kind of self-catering British adventure made available through Helpful Holidays, each package has a range of different benefits and price points that reflect their unique merit. You should bear this in mind before making a booking, and tailor an exact package that meets your budgetary requirements.

  1. Changing Overseas

An alternative to changing your money before you go is to change after you get there. You may strike lucky and find a local bureau that has an amazing rate, but equally, you may find it difficult to find a good rate anywhere. What makes this a tricky one is that it is difficult to know before you go, so you should take the time to research your destination and the real-time exchange rates prior to leaving.

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