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Top 5 Ways to Explore Dubai’s Glamorous Playground

The crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a traveler’s paradise. Everything and anything you could ever desire can be found in this powerhouse emirate. From its iconic skyscrapers and grandiose shopping malls to its majestic beach resorts and palm-shaped islands, Dubai is a glittering mosaic of culture.

Dubai is a bustling microcosm. It offers plenty of intrigue for any guest, abounding with profound ambition and gusty futuristic ambition. There is no shortage of experiences to be had in this hub of culture. There are culinary landscapes filled with authentic global fare. Retail haunts that create a unique mix of tropical and capitalistic energy. And a nocturnal lifestyle that caters to every taste, budget and preference.

For sightseeing enthusiasts and sun-worshippers looking to bask in peerless blue skies, Dubai is a blossoming cultural city with character and allure. Here are the top five ways to explore Dubai’s glamorous playground.

Explore Dubai’s Cultural Hubs

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most unique art and heritage. The Dubai Museum and Etihad Museum both tell the historic tale of the emirate’s phenomenal evolution, transforming from a humble fishing and pearling village to a cultural center for commerce and tourism. Or, explore the Al Fahidi Historic District, a restored heritage area filled with narrow walking lanes and some of the city’s finest art galleries, cultural exhibits, and courtyard cafes, perfect for a spot of leisure dokha smoking, if you are over 18 years and a dokha lover.

Journey through Dubai’s music scene at Dubai Opera, located in downtown Dubai. Its world-class performances and influential design make it a venue worth visiting. Built to resemble a traditional dhow (historic sailing vessels that used to dot the Arabian Gulf), Dubai Opera is as much an artistic masterpiece as it is a concert venue.

Daring Escapes

While sun-worshippers may revel in Dubai’s pristine beach resorts, thrill-seekers can delight in the high-octane activities that Dubai offers. There are outdoor adventures to be had in the sky, sea, sand, or snow. If you prefer hurtling down sloped landscapes to art exhibits, Dubai’s got the thing. Big Red’s desert dunes and Ski Dubai offer ample opportunities to hone your technique on both sand and snow slopes.

For those who prefer the water to land, the Aquaventure Waterpark is the perfect place to cool off. Have the need for speed? Then Dubai’s Autodrome is the ideal place to pound the track — perfect for F1 enthusiasts.

Dubai’s Shopping Haven

Few cities in the world take shopping as seriously as Dubai does. Dubai’s shopping malls are city-sized enterprises showcasing Dubai’s grandiosity and opulence. From the vast Dubai Mall to the world’s first shopping resort, Mall of Emirates, each mall is an experience in itself.

There are also traditional Arabian markets spread throughout Dubai. Known as “souks,” these sprawling market houses display some of the best shopping Dubai has to offer. Filled with lavish gold jewelry, aromatic spices, handwoven fabrics, and traditional oud fragrances, these Arabian souks are a shopper’s paradise. Prices here aren’t regulated, which makes haggling a memorable part of the experience.

Taste of Dubai

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most intriguing cuisines. Featuring authentic global fare from all corners of the world, the staggering variety means you’re spoiled for choice. Dubai’s culinary scene caters to extravagant tastes, from Pakistani and Ethiopian dishes to Szechwan diners and Indian canteens.

Or experience the flourishing local Emirati cuisine. While the traditional Emirati meal features hearty meat dishes, the culinary scene is ever-evolving. Newer restaurants are taking a more adventurous approach: camel sliders, date-stuffed chicken roulade, and soft khameer flatbread stuffed with chicken tikka. It is an unforgettable culinary experience you must taste to believe.

Dubai’s Hottest Nightlife

Meant to conclude the traditional Arab meal, shisha, an Arabian tobacco smoked in a distinctive water pipe, is the perfect way to start your night on the town. Alternatively, opt for dokha, an Arabic tobacco like shisha, cultivated in Middle Eastern countries for approximately 500 years. An incomparable experience, dokha tobacco is all natural and doesn’t contain any additives. This makes it much gentler on the throat and more aromatic than traditional cigarettes. Enjoy it with a medwakh, a small, crafted smoking pipe made out of bone, metal, or wood.

Once you’ve relished in the aromatic experience of shisha or dokha, venture out to Dubai’s vibrant nightlife. If you’re on the lookout for a good time, sleek rooftop terraces and hot-stepping beach clubs are the perfect odysseys for a night under the stars. Or for those looking for family fun adventures, community theatres and live music venues are ideal ways to revel in Dubai’s nightlife.

Dubai is home to some of the world’s most magnificent wonders, from the natural to man-made wonders. It’s a fast-moving, modern metropolis that invites you to get lost in indulgent, contemporary experiences. Dubai is unashamedly grandiose — a world definitely worth visiting.

Abdul Razzaq is the business manager of Red Rose Group. He holds a degree in business management and has over two decades of hands-on experience in strategic business management, in-house management problem solving, product/service sourcing, product development and branding & marketing.

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