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5 Notable Sights In and Around Polzeath

Are you planning a trip to Polzeath and wondering what sights you should keep an eye out for while you’re there? Small as it may be there is quite a bit that is worth seeing both in and around Polzeath, and this list should help you to cover most of the notable sights:

  • Polzeath beach

The biggest draw of Polzeath is its beach, which is known for its beautiful sands and excellent surf. There are a number of places to eat nearby, most of which will let you take-away so you can sit by the beach and have a bite.

  • Local sea life and birds

Lots of different seabirds flock around Polzeath and you may even see them feeding. Additionally aside from the occasional shoal of fish, you may be able to spy some dolphins or harbor porpoises playing in the waters near Polzeath, or seals that often make an appearance as well nearer the rocks. If you happen to be particularly lucky you may spot a basking shark or oceanic sunfish, though they tend to appear later in the summer.

  • Pentire Head

Along the coastal path stretching east from Polzeath you’ll come across Pentire Head, a headland that offers spectacular views of the Cornwall coast. With Pentire Point at the north-west and The Rumps at the north-east, it is an excellent vantage point to catch a glimpse of coastal birds and sea life.

  • Pentireglaze Haven

If the beach at Polzeath itself is a bit too crowded, Pentireglaze Haven is a nice sandy beach nearby that is a bit more secluded. During high tide only a small stretch of sand is exposed, but as the water recedes the beach becomes fairly expansive.

  • Broadagogue Cove

Although it is a bit further out, Broadagogue Cove is another notable beach around Polzeath. Unlike the other beaches mentioned so far its sand is coarser and there are quite a few pebbles, yet it is a sheltered cove with relatively tame waters.

It should come as no surprise that the main attractions in and around Polzeath are centered on its iconic coastline. That being said the village itself is picturesque and laid back that makes it worth looking at holiday accommodation in Polzeath to stay at, spend a few days, and truly relax in. While you’re there you can visit the sights and enjoy the full extent of the natural beauty of Polzeath’s surroundings.

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