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Which Push Pin World Map to Choose? [Ideas]

If you have came up with the idea to spice up your home interior with a beautiful world map, the next question would be - which one to choose? A bunch of designs, different styles, and wonderful bright colors, and you have to choose only one. Though, there are prints that depict the whole world more generally - abstract - and there such that show you every tiny bit - detailed ones.

People who like to travel know how useful and multifunctional such art is. It looks effective in any home interior, adds a special charm to any room, and pleases the eye. It also motivates you to visit some new places, explore the world and find new destinations. The cool thing is that you can mark visited cities and countries by using push pins.

Canvas would be a real attention-grabber. It would broaden your mind and bring a cozy and peaceful vibe to your apartment. But there is a vast range of different styles - how to pick the one? Follow tips and let your heart choose.

Classic Detailed Map

A highly detailed world map is what most people choose. This variant is a good choice for travelers and those who love the adventurous spirit at their home. Usually, they show the countries with capitals and big cities. They have a lot of information and details and would be a superb choice for people who love precision. Such art may be also used for educational purposes - it would be fun for your kid to learn countries’ names just by playing.

If you’d like to stick to a highly detailed variant, just keep in mind there are different styles.


Looks awesome whenever you hang it. It is designed in bright colors, sometimes with watercolor splashes that add a dramatic effect and catch the attention of the viewer. Bold and creative, they would suit traditional and minimalist interiors alike. Decoration would brighten a living room, set a welcoming atmosphere in a hallway or entryway and bring joy if hung in the dining area.

Interested already? Visit this link - to find out more creative decorative solutions for your living or working space. Dozens of cool designs that would inspire you to transform your home into something truly unique.

By the way, you could make a custom order. This includes changing the palette, adding sayings, important dates, adding some cities and towns, personalizing the legend. Art is produced on high-quality canvas and comes ready to hang. Corkboard would help the pins to keep steady.


Such prints are made in rustic style and would fit your place perfectly. Elegant and somewhat nostalgic prints will create a nice ambiance at your apartment or house. Simple solution if you’d like to have a small change in your routine.


These are well-known for everyone who attended geography classes. Such art includes latitudes and longitudes, more geographic details, and usually has an informative legend. It shows the borders between countries and sometimes has a decor in the shape of a compass. Feel yourself a real explorer! The perfect thing for kids who learn at school.

Contemporary art

Homeowners who love unusual and unique designs may check a collection of world maps that will show some interesting styles. For example, there is a reversed map, hemispheres, map with famous monuments and sighs. You'll find abstract ones, geometric, retro, vintage, art for nursery.

Simple prints made in one color would turn any wall into an accent one. The abstract decor will not overwhelm with details. It is a perfect choice to hang in the office, bedroom or lounge if you want to keep a calm vibe. Check the selection above and grab the opportunity to order personalized decor for your dwelling. Let your space be refreshed and charge you with the energy for a new day.

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