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Fastest Exit Cancels Mexican Timeshare Contract and Saves Elderly Woman from $250,000 of Timeshare Debt

"It was so bad that I began paying over $3,500 monthly for our timeshare. It was so stressful. The timeshare cost more than our mortgage and our monthly groceries combined for the family. It was even more annoying because we were not able to use the timeshare even while paying for it," said Dora C.

Dora approached Fastest Exit for assistance to get out of her Mexican timeshare. They worked quickly to ensure that she wouldn’t have to make any more outrageous payments. She gave her account of her experience with the timeshare industry.

"Their presentations were brutal. I sat through a lot of them every time I went to Mexico. I was kept in the room for over nine hours during the third presentation before I gave in to buying their membership. I had been successful in saying no before but I finally caved. A year later,  I could not make reservations when I wanted to. I was told that that time slot was not available and I should wait for a while. It made no sense. I felt like I had been had."

When Dora began complaining about the issues she was experiencing, she fell into the cycle of constant upgrades.

"Every time I reached out to them complaining about my inability to use my timeshare as I wanted to, they sold me the idea that an upgrade would solve my problems. I upgraded twice over the phone but it was the same story."

This is a tactic timeshare companies use to make you upgrade your timeshare. When you have a problem, the representatives promise you that one upgrade will make it all go away and give you access to premium features.

"We were promised that if we upgraded our timeshare, we would be able to go to Disneyland. Of course, this never happened. We were always given one excuse or the other. At this point, I knew that our timeshare was worthless.

The timeshare mortgage began to eat into Dora's finances and eventually drove her deep into debt. She began to look for ways to exit her Mexican timeshare and found Fastest Exit

"I was in such a bad place and needed to get out of my timeshare as soon as possible. I checked several companies out online, but I found Fastest Exit. I felt very confident that they could help me, and they did. They understood my situation perfectly and gave me a road map on how they were going to help me terminate my timeshare."

Since reaching out to Fastest Exit, Dora has been able to get her timeshare terminated, saving her over $250,000 in timeshare mortgage debt. 

“I was glad we were able to help Dora,” said Craig Taylor, timeshare exit specialist, “Timeshares are never a good deal. I always recommend that people exit them as soon as possible. If you’re on the fence, today is the day you should exit.”

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