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Fastest Exit Protects Retirees' Life Savings from Ruthless Mexican Timeshare Resort

Micheal is a retired businessman and he started travelling. He dreamt of going around the world and visiting every continent. However, his dreams were shattered when timeshares salespeople approached him and his wife while on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The following is an account of their first-hand experience with timeshare companies. We hope this exposes the manipulative tactics timeshare companies use on trusting clients. 

“I am a reasonably intelligent person; however, we were grilled like fish when we attended the presentation. We were lied to. We were promised that we could access any property the companies owned around the world, but they didn’t tell us we had to gather enough points to access them. They didn’t tell us that the maintenance fee would go up yearly. They told us that we would get a special deal if we bought it today. One of the salesmen told us that he could help us get more points and convert them to maintenance fees,” said Michael.

It soon became clear that this was a ruthless Mexican timeshare scam.

“They sold the idea that we could go on lavish vacations at ‘wholesale’ prices. They never informed us that the fees would go up. They didn’t tell us how many points we would need for cruises; they only said we could get points for them. It was unbelievable.”

Michael spent the next three years looking for ways to exit his timeshare before a friend reached out to him and recommended Fastest Exit. After some personal research, he decided to proceed with them. 

“I only wanted to work with a company with a track record of exiting timeshares. Once I checked in with Fastest Exit, I stopped conversations with other companies. I had a great experience. They did everything they promised to, and now I am free from that nightmare. The people at Fastest Exit are the best. Their employees are their greatest assets,” said Michael.

“Michael is on the path to enjoying retirement now that we’ve helped him cancel his timeshare. He’s a great guy. He deserves the best,” said Nicole Reynolds.

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