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Where to Go in The Philippines

The Philippines has become a popular getaway for travelers looking for a great Asian destination. This archipelago---made up of 7,107 island---is home to amazing beaches and scenery that are perfect for people who want to relax and relieve themselves of the stress brought by a stressful work week. This short article aims to provide useful information to travelers who are planning a holiday here. Read on below to know the best places to visit when you spend your vacation here.

Boracay, named as world's the best beach for 2012 by Travel + Leisure, is the most popular and one of the most visited islands in the country. Famous for its white sands and clear beach waters, Boracay is the ideal getaway spot for people who want to have the ultimate beach experience. One can enjoy the amazing beach activities here at day, and go partying with your friends the whole night. Many say that the nightlife in this stunning island is just as fun and exciting. You won't have a hard time looking for an accommodation here because of the abundance of hotels and apartment rentals here. It would be best though to book one on sites such as Vacation Rentals People before heading here to avoid unforeseen hassles.

Manila is also a popular destination among tourists visiting the Philippines. It may not be as developed as other cities in Asia when it comes to infrastructure, but its historical landmarks and establishments make for perfect tourist attractions. Here, one can still ride a “kalesa”, a horse-drawn carriage introduced by the Spaniards during the 18th century. It was the main mode of transportation in the early years of Manila. Aside from the architectures that showcase the heritage of this place, people traveling here also shouldn't miss the street food in Manila. Foodies will certainly enjoy the popular street food such as the fishball, kwek-kwek (quail egg), isaw (chicken and pork intestines) and more.

Definitely, one will not run out of places to visit when traveling to this country. You and your loved should spend your holidays here to know first-hand why it's more fun in the Philippines.

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