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Top Tourist Attractions in Lonavala

Lonavala is a popular hill station in the Sahayadri range and attracts tourists from all over India. From Lonavala, you can see some of the most beautiful sights that Maharashtra has to offer, including Bhushi Dam, Lonavala Lake, Karla Caves, and Valvan Dam.

If you are thinking about visiting Lonavala for any reason whatsoever-whether it is for work or leisure, you just need to book a villa and enjoy your stay. This article will provide you with valuable information on what attractions await your arrival!

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam is the most popular attraction in Lonavala and a must to visit for any visitor. The Bhushi Dam is a beautiful dam that fills with heavy rains. Bhushi Dam's ground-level stairs provide a spectacular view of the dam and its cascading water. For climbers, you must be careful while going up to the dam because rains make the large stairs slippery. There are food vendors and tea shops set up around the edge of the dam. The Bhushi Dam at Lonavala offers picnic spots and scenic views of the dam. Bhushi Dam is one of the most popular spots in Lonavala. Try to visit as early as possible in the day, before it gets crowded.

Bring a pair of comfortable slippers with you that you can easily change into when you arrive at the destination. You can also rent slippers from a few vendors and leave your shoes safe in the locker room.

Lonavala Lake

The Lonavala Lake, a rare success story of environmental conservation, with stunning and mesmerizing surroundings. This lake dries up during the summer and fills up during the monsoon. The amazing views of the hills covered with many waterfalls, a tranquil lake, and a cool breeze make it a perfect spot for relaxation. To enjoy this beauty with you family and friends book your villa in Lonavala by where you will find the best villas in affordable price. This place offers unforgettable views for visitors, who can enjoy tea and roasted sweet corn on the go from a nearby cart.

Karla Caves

Karla Caves are a popular destination for tourists because of the Buddhist carvings and important Hindu images carved into the rock. Starting with the Karla Caves, this distinctive religious landmark is one of India's oldest Buddhist cave shrines. The Karla Caves house one of the largest chaityas in India. One of the main features at Karla Caves is the Ekvira Temple.

Tiger Point

Tiger Point is a cliff with a 650 meters drop. This spectacular spot in Lonavala provides amazing views of forests, hills, and valleys. This cliff is shaped like the leap of a tiger. You will be surprised by the mild view of clouds in front of the cliff during the visit. This happens due to heavy rain. In the monsoon season, you can enjoy Maggi and hot tea with bhajiya with an amazing panoramic view from the point.

You can also see that the hills are thick with lush greenery after waiting for some weather to clear up. Tiger point is a major tourist attraction within Lonavala, and tourists should make sure to stop by for breathtaking views. However, take note that you will face a good deal of crowding during even the ordinary hours.

Valvan Dam

The Valvan Dam, situated in the lush green surroundings near Lonavala in Maharashtra, is a perfect evening outing spot. The Valvan Dam supplies water to the privately-owned Khopoli Power Station located near the Sahyadri Mountains. Boasting stunning views of the surrounding landscape, Valvan Dam and Lake are perfect for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts.

The best time to visit the Valvan Dam would be during the monsoons when the highest water levels.

Narayani Dham

Narayani Dham Temple, dedicated to Ma Narayani, is located in Dhankawadi Lonavala. The temple was built from white marble in 2002 and has since become very popular with tourists. The immense four-storeyed temple is home to divinities like Ganpathi and Hanuman, decked up in jewels and attires of regal beauty.

Tungarli Dam

Tungarli Dam is a picnic spot with panoramic views of the Tungarli Lake in the region of Rajmachi. The dam in Lonavala aids in the irrigation for farmers. One can also enjoy camping near the dam, where one has the opportunity to spend some quality time with nature again and rediscover their soul. In addition to the diverse natural scenery, you can also enjoy the lush green surroundings during your stay.

Reverse Waterfall

The Reverse Waterfall is a waterfall that flows in the opposite direction of what most people are accustomed to. One of the most popular reverse waterfalls in India is among only a few that exist elsewhere. Best for adventurous travelers, the trek to the waterfall is popular in the monsoon.

Kune Waterfall

Kune Falls is the 14th tallest waterfall in India and can be found in Lonavala. One of the best waterfalls in Lonavala is a three-tiered waterfall located next to Sahayadri Mountains. Kune Falls are not only great for their waterfalls and fun trails; they also provide visitors an enchanting experience. A popular picnic destination surrounded by lush greenery, the area is a very scenic attraction in Lonavala. One can also swim and bathe in the water, assuming it is safe to do so. Unfortunately, there is a restricted road to Kune Falls, which means that visitors aren't allowed in without giving prior notice.


Lonavala is a beautiful place with some of the most scenic views in India. If you're looking for adventure, this is your destination! Be sure to bring lots of sunscreen and water, because it can get hot on top of these hills. Enjoy all that Lonavala has to offer both day and night- there are plenty of activities suitable for every age group!

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