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How to Enjoy a Safe, Pleasant, and Smooth First Flight on a Private Jet

A smooth, comfortable, and luxurious flying experience is what you can expect on your first flight on a private jet.

Private jets have larger cabin spaces and more legroom. Because of this, you and your fellow passengers are free to move around without worrying about bumping into and disturbing others.

Flying via a private jet also means you will do away with putting down the tray table in front of you when you need to eat or drink, and putting it up once you are done.

Moreover, you can move your seat any way you want, even reclining it as far as it goes without the person sitting in front of you complaining.

The soft, reclining seats will also make your flight more comfortable. You won’t have to worry about sitting too long on something hard that will hurt your back and your backside.

If you feel tired from sitting, you can convert your seat into a bed, lie down, relax, and get some shuteye.

You won’t lack for entertainment when you fly via a bizjet as well. These planes are equipped with iPads, TV screens, and DVD players. They also have Wi-Fi, which means you can connect to the Internet and go about your usual online activities.

All these features will keep you entertained for hours and keep you from becoming bored.

Also, you won’t be disappointed by the food and beverages you will be offered during your flight.

Chartered flights offer customized catering services, which means you can request specific dishes, snacks, beverages, and anything you want to eat or drink during your flight, regardless of how long or short it is.

Lastly, there are fewer rules regarding luggage allowances. This means you can bring more baggage and pack items that you normally would not be allowed to on commercial flights. 

Getting the Most From Your First Air Charter Flight

Although these benefits are a given when you fly via a private jet, there are still some ways you can get more from your first flight.

Below are some tips for getting the best experience of going on your first private jet flight:

1.    Choose your aircraft wisely.

Private jets come in various types and sizes. Examples of these are:

●      Light and midsize jets

This type of aircraft seats four to eight people. They are perfect for couples and small groups for flights that last for two to three hours.

●      Super-midsize and large-cabin jets

These aircraft can accommodate more people, usually up to 13 people. They can also fly farther with no stops for up to five to six hours. 

●      Ultra-long-range jets and private airliners

This type of aircraft is recommended for large groups or corporate travels and long-haul flights. Due to their size, they have multi-zone cabin set-ups, flatbed options for sleeping, and bigger bathrooms. 

To hire the right aircraft, consider the size of your group, duration of the flight, luggage requirements, and your budget. These factors will ensure you choose a jet that suits your and your fellow passengers’ needs.

2.    Select a reliable air charter company.

If you haven’t chartered an aircraft yet, aside from the different types of jets available for hire, you have to consider the reliability of the charter operator.

Speak with a representative of the company and ask them about their pilots’ qualifications, safety rating, and the quality of maintenance they do on their aircraft.

Go online and try to find out details about these as well.

While online, read reviews from customers who have chartered their private jets. Narrow down your options to companies that have the most positive reviews.

Lastly, even if you have set a budget for your chartered flight, choosing wisely does not always mean picking the most affordable option.

Private jets are meant to be exclusive and, as such, are likely to be expensive. If you want to experience a safe, smooth, and comfortable private flight, be open to paying a high yet reasonable price.

3.    Pack smart.

Although you are allowed to bring more luggage, it doesn’t mean that you should pack a lot, or just about anything, for your trip.

You still need to put some thought into what and how to pack your belongings.

If you chartered a light jet, your bigger luggage would not be stored in the cabin and you won’t be able to have access to them during the flight. Because of this, you need to pack your essentials in your carry-on.

However, if you chartered a larger aircraft, the luggage compartments are usually accessible from the cabin. Because of this, you won’t have to put too much thought into what to pack in your carry-on.

If you are flying with a few other passengers on a light or super-midsize jet, take note of the number of people you will be with so that you can pack appropriately and avoid causing any issues regarding luggage.

Also, although there are fewer baggage restrictions on private flights, you are still not allowed to bring weapons and sharp objects.

More importantly, don’t forget to bring your passport and other valid IDs.

4.    Select the right airport.

The airport which you will depart from and arrive at on your return journey can help you save some money.

This is because air charter companies offer flexibility regarding where you fly to and fly from. If you are traveling to a major city, you will likely have two airports to choose from.

Because of this, you can select the airport nearest to your destination. You will then be able to save money on the commute.

You can ask your air charter service provider for their recommended departure or arrival airport. They will be able to provide options that will be more convenient for you and can help you save money.

5.    Make the most out of the onboard facilities.

You can also get the most out of your first private flight by taking advantage of all the onboard facilities and services.

These include:

  • Free Wi-Fi connection
  • No rules on turning off devices
  • Flat-screen TV with movies and TV shows
  • Bespoke catering service

Additionally, you will have an attentive flight crew who will assist you throughout the flight.

You might even be invited to enter the cockpit and talk to your pilot. If you are given this opportunity, grab it since it is a great way to see an actual one up close.

Whether you are going on a holiday on an island paradise or a business trip to a metropolitan city, you can arrive at your destination in comfort and luxury when you charter a private jet.

You can also get more from your first air charter flight when you follow these tips.

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