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Dos and Don’ts for Oktoberfest Virgins

Ah, it’s your first Oktoberfest. What an exciting predisposition! There’s always a first time for everything and a person’s first Oktoberfest is always memorable. If you want to make the most out of your first Oktoberfest, you should read on.

The Legendary Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest has been around since 1810. From a series of horse races that were dedicated to honor a royal wedding to the legendary beer festival that it is today, Oktoberfest has truly come a long way. Oktoberfest is the only festival in the world that serves 7 million litres of beer and 95,000 litres of wine every single year. If it’s booze that you’re after, it’s something Oktoberfest will never run out of. Alcohol is front and center during Oktoberfest together with food, parties, rides, and parades. There is so much to enjoy and so much to explore during Oktoberfest. So much so that you may be easily overwhelmed if it’s your first time. But worry not as we’ve got you covered. We collected hot tips and expert suggestions from Oktoberfest masters to ensure that your first Oktoberfest will be unforgettable. We promise that you’d enjoy it so much that you’d keep on coming back!

Cheat Sheet for Oktoberfest Virgins


If you’re preparing for 2023 Oktoberfest tours, the following are essential stuff that you should do and mainly take note of:

1. Before anything else, eat.

Eating before drinking is a must. This is why food is so generously served in the tents. You need to be filled first as your body will have a hard time handling the amount of alcohol that you’d be devouring if you’d run on an empty stomach.

2. Know what to wear.

You should choose proper attire. Wearing traditional clothes is not necessary so you don’t need to feel pressured at all. But you should avoid low-quality costumes as you could offend the locals.

3. If you can, you should always opt to book a table.

Booking a table in advance will save you from so much stress. It will also save you from having to wait in long lines.

4. Target the side entrances of tents.

This is a pro tip from insiders. First-timers don’t know that lines are shorter at side entrances. To avoid long lines, you should always look for side entrances.

5. Know your dirndl.

You can say a whole lot with how you’d wear your dirndl so you should be extra careful. Take note of the following codes:

Bow on the front-right = the wearer is taken; married or in a relationship

Bow on the front-left = the wearer is single and available

Bow on front-middle = the wearer is a virgin (yep, it’s still a thing)

6. Have ready cash.

To avoid having to withdraw every time (the lines are always long!), you should simply have ready notes and coins. Beers are served in litres and each will cost you around €11.

7. Be ready for Angels.

And by Angel, we mean Robbie Williams’ song. They love it there.


Now that you know the musts, it’s time for you to take note of the following must nots:

1. Do not disrespect tables.

Never stand on tables. It’s a no-no and you’d be sure that security guards will come for you once they see you. It is simply disrespectful because you won’t be the only one using the tables. However drunk you may get, always remember this no-no.

2. Do not forget their tipping policy.

Once you’ve given your payment and you have change, it’s safe for you to assume that it will be considered as a tip. Servers will be loaded with work so you can be sure that they won’t go out of their way to return your change. If you don’t want that, just pay the exact amount. If you don’t have an exact amount, then better not expect a change as it will be considered a tip.

3. Do not book a table too late.

Always book in advance. Take note that seven million people will also be attending the festival. If you don’t want to be stressed out, you should prioritize booking. Camping is also an option if you have the time and energy for it.

4. Do not opt for rides when you’re already filled with food and alcohol.

There will be numerous rides and it will be best for all (including you) that you avoid them when you’re drunk. No one wants your regurgitated beer. If you can be considerate, always choose to be considerate.

5. Do not bring a car.

Driving is highly discouraged during the festival. This is because it’s impossible to find a parking slot. You wouldn’t want to spend hours just looking for a place to park. To avoid all that hassle, simply choose to not drive.

6. Do not be surprised if you’d see many people snorting.

Smoking is not allowed when in tents so you’d see many people snorting their tobacco.

Last-minute tips from Oktoberfest insiders:

1. Avoid the Kotzhügel.

Kotzhügel literally translates to Puke Hill. As you already know what it stands for, do make it a point to avoid this area at all costs.

2. Always secure your belongings.

Secure all your belongings at all times. Being too lax can invite people with malice and thieving tendencies. Don’t invite unwanted attention.

3. Revel in the culture.

Oktoberfest is not simply about beer. You should also go out of your way to enjoy the Bavarian culture. It really is what the festival is all about. Have fun!

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