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What Is Kremas? Get to know the favourite Haitian Beverage If You Plan to Travel to Haiti

If you’re a Haitian, you must already know about Kremas, but if you’re not, well it is one of the most popular drinks which is served in Haiti during holidays and any special event or celebration.

A drink or a beverage is something that is intended for human consumption and is liquid in nature. The primary function of any drink is to satisfy thirst, but it also has a significant role in the development of a human’s culture and tradition. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, liquor have been used for 8,000 years ago by the human race. Sometimes drinks have been preferred to drinking water, as there were many water-borne diseases that struck humans in ancient times. Alcoholic drinks were sterilized and had no such water-borne diseases.

Interestingly, these alcoholic drinks were even given to children so that they do not fall prey to diseases and spread them. With the development of society and culture around the world, several techniques were discovered to make drinks and beverages, such as from plants and other raw materials. These beverages have had a strong importance in the development of humans and their colonies. Some alcoholic drinks and beverages even have medicinal and healing properties.

Historically speaking, drinks and beverages have been a cause of socialising between humans.

The socialisation could be either friendly, celebratory or to discuss some important matters and task at hand. Societies in ancient times also considered alcohol as a gift from God, as it prevents them from getting sick from the water-borne diseases. Some regions and religions have discouraged the use and consumption of alcohol. Other regions and religions completely admonish and discourage the production, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks and beverages.

If we talk about Kremas, this is the beverage/drink that an everyday Haitian wants and drinks. It is traditionally made with some of the best ingredients which are available in Haiti. Safe to say, it is the celebratory drink of the Haitians.

The ingredients in Kremas differ regionally in the country of Haiti. In the North of Haiti, coconut is typically not used as the ingredient in the making of Cremas. While in Southern Haiti, most Haitians use a lot of coconut in their food and beverages, so Cremas is also made with coconut as its main ingredient.

With a fusion of culture and more communication in and around towns, people have started to make different variants of Cremas, which are quite popular. As discussed via Saveurs Lakay, Haitian Kremas is full of flavour and well-made balanced beverages, with its smooth and creamy texture its main highlight.

It is sweet and has a little kick in it so that it puts you right in the celebratory mood. According to Haitian people, there is a definite way to drink Cremas, just like drinking any other alcohol drink.

You pour a little into a cup or a glass, let its taste kick into your buds, and enjoy. It can be coupled with or without ice. It possesses a consistency similar to a milkshake and its color is off-white or somewhat closer to beige.

Cremas contain dairy so it has to be kept really carefully and well preserved from the external environment. Cremas contains alcohol, which can prevent it from going bad but not for too long. You can add various preservatives to make its shelf life longer.

A homemade Cremas will last about two years if it is bottled properly and kept in optimum conditions. After opening the bottle, you can use it before six to nine months. After the passage of this time, the Cremas will turn bad and will no longer be edible, consumption of which will make you very sick. The symptoms would include stomach pains with nausea.

According to, to make your Haitian Kremas last longer, you can refrigerate it and bottle it well. It is not a hundred percent effective though, you will get lumps in the drink which is not good for the texture of the drink. In order to avoid it, you will have to limit the constant temperature changes. After serving the Cremas, the bottle should be closed again and kept in the refrigerator. As with any other alcoholic drink, drink responsibly and enjoy your time. Refrain from drinking and driving.

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