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How to Prepare For a Holiday in Malia

Situated in Crete, Malia is a well-known party hotspot that draws in thousands of tourists each year. If you’re looking to let your hair down, dance until the early hours of the morning and have a fantastic experience you’ll never forget, this is definitely the destination for you. 

While it is predominantly a clubbing hotspot, there are some quieter parts of the town that are more suitable for families and couples, so it’s important that you travel prepared. So, how exactly do you prepare for a holiday in Malia?

The weather

Firstly, you need to know what the weather is going to be like when you travel. The summer in Malia starts pretty much at the same time as it does in the UK, with temperatures on the rise from June through until September. 

The average temperature in June is 22 degrees, with the lowest temperatures dropping to 19 degrees. From October through until November, the temperatures decrease to highs of 19 and lows of 16 degrees, but Malia is often popular for winter holidays as temperatures rarely drop below double figures. 

Spring is usually the best time of year to book Malia holidays. The temperatures are between 13 and 15 degrees and the sea is nice and warm. There are also fewer crowds, which is ideal if you’re travelling with a partner or young children.


Although you might be jetting off for a fun-filled week away, you do need to be aware that the alcohol is often stronger than it is at home. This means that even if you don’t drink more than usual, you may end up feeling the effects of the alcohol a little quicker.

Make sure you’re prepared for this and drink responsibly whilst away. When holidaying in such a beautiful location, you don’t want drunken antics or hangovers to ruin your experience, so keep things under control and drink in moderation.

Travel essentials

In order to ensure your trip gets off to the best start, make sure you have all documents ready. Carry passports and other important documents in your hand luggage, as you'll need to show them at the airport, but other essentials like toiletries can be placed in anything going in the hold – there’ll be restrictions on the amount of liquids you can take in the cabin after all. 

Try to avoid carrying too much cash around with you too as it's easy to lose things on a night out. Instead of walking out with your entire budget, set yourself an allowance for the day and leave the rest in a safe at your hotel. If this is not possible then consider using travel money cards or traveller’s cheques, which offer a greater level of protection than cold hard cash.

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