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Cool and Unusual things to do in Croatia

Located in the southeast of Europe, the Republic of Croatia is a beautiful coastal destination popular with tourists from around the world. While tourism is a huge industry in the country and represents around one fifth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), tourist centres are still being developed and coastal regions continue to undergo urbanisation.

There are so many reasons why Croatia should be your top choice for your next getaway, from natural beauty spots like the Plitvice Lakes National Park to its growing number of fine dining options with traditional cuisine such as peka or pasticada.

The country is also establishing a reputation for being an activity hotspot for travellers who enjoy extreme sports and seaside adventures. Visitors can enjoy kayaking and swimming in crystal blue waters, and for those wishing to spend time out at sea then a Catamaran Charter in Croatia is a great holiday option.

Here are some ideas for cool and unusual things that you can do while exploring Croatia as a tourist:

Dive down to the Baron Gautsch wreckage

This first activity is perfect for explorers that are very experienced divers with an interest in historical sites and events.

Built in 1908, the Austrian passenger ship Baron Gautsch sank in 1914 following contact with an unexploded mine. The ship lies around 30 meters deep and 9 nautical miles from Rovinj and is under the protection of the country’s Ministry of Culture.

Due to the shipwreck’s protected status, you can only visit the site as part of an approved group visit with a local diving centre from Pula and Poreč. Experienced divers may visit the first two decks of the ship, which remain in excellent condition despite the vessel’s age.

The Blue Cave of Biševo

The famous Blue Cave (or Modra spilja) can be found on the tiny island of Bisevo, a six kilometer piece of land on the tip of Vis, a island which is home to just 20 people. On Bisevo, there are no cars, shops or even a running water supply.

The Blue Cave is a natural phenomenon, at certain times of the day a blue glowing light can be seen from its entrance. This is caused by the light reflecting off of the crystal blue waters.

If chartering your own boat during your trip to Croatia, you can visit this cave for yourself. Alternatively, you can join a guided tour from Vis, or Hvar and Split are also close by.

Be aware that this cave is a popular tourist destination and boats sometimes have to queue in order to get up close to it. If you want to enjoy your visit uninterrupted, try going as early in the day as possible or find a time when the weather is slightly less appealing for boat tour guides.

Challenge yourself to a game at Jadera Secrets In Zadar

Located in the Old Town is Jedera Secrets, a sightseeing escape room game that leads you to some of the most unique and interesting spots in the town. During the game you will learn more about the rich cultural history of Zadar as you solve riddles and search for clues.

Your guide will also be able to tell you about some of the hotspots and dining places that only the locals know about. If travelling to Zadar by boat there are two ferry ports, with the one is the center available for catamaran services.

Gregory of Nin’s Big Toe in Grgur Ninski - rub it for good luck!

Gregory was a bishop in the ancient Croatian town of Nin. He is an important historical figure for the town due to his work to defend Croatian culture and statehood, and so a 28 foot moment has been built in his honour in Split near the Golden Gate.

The statue is a dark bronze colour with one golden toe.The golden toe is thought to bring good luck to those who touch it and has become a very popular tourist attraction in recent years. If visiting the city of Split, don’t forget to stop by and see it for yourself.

The Museum of Broken Relationships

The Museum of Broken Relationships is a permanent installation in Zagreb with a sister site located in Los Angeles in the United States. This museum is described as a unique emotional journey and even has a break-up themed gift shop.

While this is probably not a suitable activity for a honeymoon, at just 40kn per entry it is an affordable and fun day out. The on-site bistro and cafe serve traditional Croatian delicacies and seasonally crafted meals.

You can even donate your own items and broken relationship stories to the museum to go on display.

This country is a wonderful place to visit on vacation and has a huge range of weird and wonderful activities for tourists to experience. Whether you plan to sail between islands on a Catamaran or go sightseeing in the islands’ historical towns, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable trip in Croatia.

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