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6 Occasions to Enjoy an Amazon Rainforest Tour

Have you always wanted to explore the rainforest? Have you put off this type of trip for a while? If so, now is the time to go and explore - find adventure in a Peru rainforest vacation. People see the rainforest as a couple (on a honeymoon), as a group, for a birthday, to celebrate an anniversary, or to experience a warm setting during the wintertime.

You can take a short tour of three days or expand the journey to six days or more. Plan your itinerary to reflect the occasion for a rain forest holiday.

1. Visiting the Amazon Rainforest for a Romantic Escape

You can plan an Amazon rainforest tour for a honeymoon or romantic escape. Imagine landing at the Iquitos Airport in Peru and getting picked up from your Iquitos accommodation by an experienced travel guide. Your trip begins with a scenic adventure - a drive that takes you past rainforest villages and lush tropical greenery.

Next, you will be whisked away by boat down the Amazon River to a romantic holiday bungalow. An afternoon boat ride will give you and your partner the chance to see dolphins and dragonfish. Savor a first-class dinner prepared by an experienced chef.

2. Seeing the Jungle as Part of an Eco Group

Are you currently part of a volunteer or eco organization? If so, you might take the opportunity to go on a rainforest adventure. Not only will you enhance your understanding of ecology, you can see why your commitment to sustainability is so rewarding.

On these group excursions, it is always exciting to search for bird species, such as pygmy owls (at night) or dinosaur birds. You can plan a schedule that includes birding, wildlife viewing, and boating activities.

3. Celebrating a Birthday

A birthday celebration turns into a special memory when the celebrant can experience the rainforest. Mark a milestone birthday or any birthday with a hiking trip through the rainforest.

4. Commemorating an Anniversary

Maybe you have an anniversary you want to commemorate. If so, a journey to the rainforest is the ideal way to remember loved ones or to plan your own anniversary escape. On your journey, you can hike or go birding or take a boat ride, day or night. Imagine the elation you’ll feel when you see a bird, like a green parrot or toucan, up close.

5. Getting Rid of the Wintertime Blues

The ideal way to add some excitement to your life and retreat from winter’s cold temperatures is to plan a rainforest vacation. Use the time to boat down the Yanayacu River or search for animals, such as howler monkeys and other interesting and unforgettable species of animals.

6. Enjoying a Canoeing or Fishing Holiday

You can also take a trip to the Amazon if you love to canoe or fish. Not only will you see a totally new landscape, but you can also enjoy the pastimes you love best.

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So, are you ready to strike out on a jungle adventure? If you are, now is the time to go. Get ready to take a trip like no other. Plan your Amazon journey now.

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