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7 First-Time Traveler Tips for Visiting Japan

Japan is a great country to visit. If you want to travel to Japan, below are some tips for first-time Japan travellers.

1. Have a plan for your trip

There are many great places to visit in Japan. However, if you don't have a plan, you might miss some really wonderful places. For example, Tokyo has several excellent places to visit if you're not sure where else to go. Also, many of the best places to visit in Japan are outside of Tokyo. Some are close and easy to reach by train or bus or plane, while others need to fly to get there, as well. You may find yourself in a bit of luck if you're able to make the flights without having any trouble finding accommodations. Or you might be just lucky enough to be traveling with friends who can help you with all of these things. You can also get help from your travel agencies.

2. Be prepared for the language barrier

If you don't understand Japanese, you might find it difficult to get around when you visit Japan. Here are some way to overcome the language problem when you visit Japan. First of all, you can use translator apps such as Google Translator when you visit Japan. When you have language problems, you can pull out your phone and use the translator. In addition, there are some other great apps that will help you. For example, you can download a good VPN for Japan so that even before visiting Japan, you can get access to some online content that are only available to the locals. There are many good VPN review sites that can help you find good VPNs.

3. Learn the Japanese Culture

The culture of Japan is very different from what we are used to. It's quite fascinating to explore, learn about, and see the ways that Japanese people live their lives in this new age society. This is especially so when you think of the fact that Japan was founded on a belief in magic and witchcraft. So you have a lot of cultural things to look into when visiting Japan. You should keep an eye out on the internet for information about the culture and the history that the people have had there, and how they live their lives now. This is also important when you want to visit more than once.

4. Make Friends with locals!

While there is a wide variety of cultures to visit, the one thing to keep in mind when visiting Japan is that everyone here is friendly. This will come up in most of your conversations with locals, but it never hurts to try. The best times to interact with locals is usually during festivals, markets, or other large gatherings of people. You can meet local people at tourist traps, restaurants, shopping malls, markets, and in the park. People are friendly everywhere, even when they don't speak your language. There are many types of people in Japan. Some speak English, which is spoken by many of us in Japan. Some also spoke French when they arrived in Japan over a decade ago.

5. Use Japanese slang

When you visit Japan, you should not speak or hear anything Japanese. Instead you should speak and understand English or English and Japanese phrases, like “sir,” “please,” or “thank you.” Japanese people tend to speak slowly and loudly in order to prevent them from talking out loud. In contrast, Americans do the same thing in a much louder volume. You should always respect people speaking slower when you first encounter them.

6. Ask questions in English

When you arrive in Japan, always ask questions before saying a single word, no matter the language. Many people are not fluent in the language. If someone isn't fluent, then asking in English may work fine. If you haven't mastered the Japanese language yet, then using the native language might make you feel a little better, because if you don't know English, you may sound strange or weird. However, Japanese people do not appreciate hearing strange voices coming from unfamiliar people, so don't ask if you aren't comfortable with it. If you are uncomfortable with using a foreign language, you should ask someone who knows Japanese to help you understand it.

7. Remember where you are

As a foreigner, remember that you are in Japan, and that you are at home. Japan doesn't have any specific customs regarding foreigners, though some of those customs may differ from place to place. You don' t have to stay at a particular hotel if you don' t want to. You can stay anywhere in town, and even stay in hotels nearby. But if you want to stay near the beach, or go for walks around the city, you must follow the local custom, unless otherwise stated in the map you are looking at.


While traveling to Japan is a great fun, you should be prepared so that you can fully enjoy your stay in Japan. I hope the tips mentioned in this article can help you have a great trip in Japan!

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