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7 Unique Things To See On Your Visit To Seattle

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Seattle is known as the Emerald City for more reasons other than it’s undeniable beauty. With so many sights to see, this is one destination that people keep coming back to discover more of. Nestled on the mighty Pacific’s rugged coast and backed by the majestic peaks of Mt. Rainer, Seattle has something to thrill anyone.

If you enjoy the outdoors, the art scene, or discovering a wealth of different cultural influences, you will love spending time in this diverse western city. Known for it’s beautiful and historic harbor, Seattle boasts some of the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment in the country.

Whether you take a cruise along Puget Sound on a luxury yacht rental moored at Emerald Landing or want to take in the views from the Space Needle, there is so much to see and do in Seattle. Let’s take a look at just a few of the unique things to see on your next visit to Seattle.

Fremont Troll

This unusual and intimidating art installation was created in 1990. Originally designed to help deter vagrants from gathering under the bridge, this one of a kind statue now attracts tourists. The fascinating fictional creature is known as the Fremont Troll. It sits clutching a life-sized Volkswagen in its enormous hands and has become a local favorite and a huge draw for anyone visiting the city.

Underground City

More than a century ago, the downtown district of Seattle was destroyed in a major fire. The area was rebuilt on top of the ashes of what remained of the former buildings. Much of the original shops and corridors are still maintained just below the surface. If you want to see a unique view of the city, take a tour of the underground city and enjoy learning the history of the original area.

Watch The Fishmongers

This is one of the most popular things to see while you are in Seattle. When you visit the famous Pike Place Market, take some time to watch the local fishmongers throwing the daily catch. When someone makes an order, the fishmongers put on quite a show of acrobatic throwing and packaging of the catch of the day.

The Gum Wall

Right next to the Market Theatre, you can take a peek at the one of a kind Gum Wall. According to legend, a local comedian performing at the indoor club was banned from getting on stage while chewing gum, so he stuck it on the outside wall as an act of rebellion. The city has attempted to clear the wall on occasion, but it continues to get filled with new wads of gum. Today it is a popular tourist attraction.

Visit The Original Starbucks

The famous coffee house originated along the Seattle Harbor. You can still visit the original store for a cup of their famous brew. You may want to get in line early, as this is a popular tourist spot.

Stay On The Water

Seattle harbor is full of exciting accommodations for the adventurous traveler. You can rent a houseboat moored along the pier for a unique stay on the water, just like Tom Hanks' home in the famous movie Sleepless In Seattle.

Whale Watching

Orcas are native to the rugged coasts and harbors around Seattle. Take a cruise out into Puget Sound and have a close encounter with the majestic giants of the ocean.

Seattle has so much to offer, and it can be a challenge to fit everything into just one trip. Try to hit some of these interesting sites during your next trip to Seattle and plan a return trip to see more each time you visit.

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