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3 Places to Visit In Florida

What comes into your mind when you think about Florida? Many people think that they know almost everything about Florida. However, the truth is, you don’t. Even the locals don’t know everything about the place.

There are a lot of things to know about Florida. The fun part about this state is that you can always discover something new or rediscover its best hits. The Sunshine State is well-known for its flat-out eccentricities, worldly architecture, and natural beauty.

What’s more, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many attractions or sites in Florida are accessible. Just be sure to check how these areas handle safety protocols. Additionally, don’t forget to maintain a safe social distance and wear your mask.


This county town is sometimes missed or overlooked because of its neighbor Palm Beach. However, when you visit this Martin County town, it will undoubtedly become a frequent destination.

Of course, this small town is still little known but it is home to popular personalities like Celine Dion and Tiger Woods. Also, the east-coast small town of Stuart is lined with stereotypical restaurants and picturesque pastel shops.

However, the real attraction of the town is its vast ecosystem. Its encompassing lagoons and invigorating unspoiled part of the Atlantic Coast is home to at least four thousand species of animals and plants.

Thus, making it Northern Hemisphere’s most bio-diverse lagoon ecosystem. When you go here, you will surely see vast wildlife creatures and interact with them. Just make sure to book your accommodation in advance through online booking sites like

St. Augustine

A visit to this state will not be complete and out-and-out without visiting the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, which is also one of the most charming attractions in Florida. With at least five hundred years of history, tourists can enjoy some of the most notable and remarkable historical landmarks in Florida.

Make sure to head over to the fountain of youth, ranging over centuries worth of culture and history by walking along with the fort Castillo de San Marcos. Here, you can watch a re-enactment and cannon firing at the Colonial Quarter.

Also, you can ascent the historic lighthouse before going to a haunted or jinxed pub tour.


Tampa features lots of fun-filled attractions and beautiful beaches. Indeed, Tampa is one of Florida’s best vacation destinations. Amp your excitement at Adventure Island or Busch Gardens, shout your encouragement for the local hockey, baseball, or football team at one of their sports events.

Additionally, play poker at the Hard Rock Casino. Alternatively, go to St. Petersburg to see the magnificent art at the Salvador Dali museum. For those who want a thrilling adventure, head to Clearwater Beach.

On the other hand, if you want something secluded, go to Honeymoon Island. Both destinations are a paradise for art aficionados, beach bums, and foodies. Without a doubt, you can never be bored in Tampa because there are a lot of things you can do.


In its about 70,000 square miles of land, Florida has lots of places to explore with endless sunshine, natural beauty, and many family-friendly accommodations. Before heading to Florida, it is a good idea to understand why the Sunshine state is one of the best vacation destinations around the world.

From National parks to unspoiled beaches, Florida has a long list of stunning landscapes. If you are planning your next getaway, make sure to add Florida on your list. Also, don’t forget to visit the places mentioned in this article to spend the best time in Florida. With all that in mind, don’t forget to practice the necessary safety protocols.

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