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5 Must-See Attractions When Visiting the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are essentially where true vacationers go to vacation. If you live in Miami, this is where you go to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located about an hour from Miami, the Florida Keys are like a tropical oasis that seems like a world away when you visit. Crystal blue waters, bright white beaches and the some of the best tropical weather in the world – the Florida Keys literally have it all. Moreover, the Florida Keys have a number of tourist destinations that anyone visiting should almost be required to visit – as if you shouldn’t already be required to visit the Florida Keys, because where else can you find such an ideal place to decompress? Here are 5 must-see attractions when visiting the Florida Keys.

  1. Out of all the Key West attractions, the Everglades is definitely one of the most magical. The Everglades are a wide, 1.5 million acre stretch of virtually untouched swamp, grass-prairie and sub-tropical jungle land that is home to some of the most extremely endangered species, like the American Crocodile, West Indian Manatee and Florida Panther. And because it is a national park it is totally protected by the state so that no body can develop condos or a resort on the land, and all of the animals are protected too.
  2. Visit the John Pennekamp State Park. This is one of the most incredible underwater animal sanctuaries in the world. The state park is one of the oldest and biggest naturally protected water parks in the world and is also home to some of the most rare and endangered coral reefs, which can be visited by snorkeling, scuba diving or taking a glass bottom boat. Either way, this is fun for the whole family.
  3. Visit the Ernest Hemingway home. For a large portion of his life, writer Ernest Hemingway, whose books include Old Man and the Sea and A Moveable Feast, made Key West his home. Now his old abode is a museum where you can see the way he worked and lived. Everything has been untouched, including his bed, décor and even office. You might also get to meet some of his polydactyl cats, which are direct descends of a six-toed cat Hemingway was given as a gift when he lived there.
  4. Take a scenic drive down the highway that runs along the Keys. The Stretch, as locals call it, is an 18-mile stretch of highway through the Everglades with views of extra white sandy beaches and turquoise water. From every window of your car you will see nothing but beautiful expanses of water. Open the windows and feel the warm tropical breeze and you will feel like you are in heaven.
  5. Lastly, no trip to Key West is complete without a visit and bite to eat on Duval Street. At night this famous boulevard of shops, bars and clubs isn’t recommended for the kids, but for adults it is a can’t miss attraction if your are visiting Key West.

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