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Why you should consider moving to the Caribbean

There are so many possible things to do when going to the Caribbean, from the multiple attractions to the overall setting that makes it feel so welcoming to both anyone living there as well as the tourists. If anything, there is so much that would be appealing to anyone interested in moving to the Caribbean in general, but it's not just telling about it that should be enough to convince anyone reading this blog. So why not read further along and get a better look into what makes the location so special to many?

  1. Smoother Pace for Everyone Living in St Martin

Why deal with the constant barrage of stress that comes from work when it is much better to simply live in an environment that helps reduce the worries in life? Yes, the city may be bigger, but that may not be entirely better for your well-being. The Caribbean instead has a smoother atmosphere that instead means none of the fast-paced worries you'd experience elsewhere would be a burden of any size. Even if you were once used to a faster pace, the opposite is important for your health.
Many westerners leave the hustle and bustle of city life for a sea-change in a tropical destination – especially Canadians. Take for example Robin, of Saint Martin fame. She moved to Saint Marten to escape the cold of Canada, taking her wonderful cooking to the sandy shores to start Café Robin (

  1. Welcoming Environment for Both Visitors and Tourists

Why have to make do with the dull nature of winter (or cold weather in general) when having a sunny environment throughout a single year feels more satisfying? If anything, it's the fascinating views that are found throughout St Martin that will keep everyone wanting to revisit them every day, whether it's from the lack of pollution within a more natural environment or the mesmerizing ocean. Even the sounds of the locations as well as some of the animals that pass by make for a refreshing experience if you've been so used to loud noises in the past.

  1. Food is Great from Every Restaurant

While every location is bound to have great food throughout the world, it's honestly something that makes Caribbean food even better for anyone that hasn't tried it yet. Whether it's made by someone that runs a restaurant or involves your own cooking, you won't have to worry about the lack of variety as one would initially expect when going here. Be sure to check out any of the local restaurants, especially with them being of higher quality than what's found at an average fast-food chain. Best of all, there is also plenty of options from different cultures to choose from, whether it's Italian, African, or Chinese food!

  1. Family Time is Closer than Ever

Apart from being able to delve into a place like St Martin with nothing to worry about, spending time with your family feels like an even better thing to do than before. Why go for a crowded environment like a city when it's much nicer to walk around, enjoy the aforementioned views of the island, and go for any activities that encourage exploration, whether it's hiking around the mountains or kayaking in the ocean. It's all fun and games when the whole family is around to enjoy the time.

  1. A Wonderful Culture to Explore

Of course, no populated island is complete without a plethora of cultures to delve into. Yes, you read that right. Cultures instead of just one culture, which is quite a surprise for anyone going to St Martin. Plenty of people that have dialects range from English to Spanish, from Dutch to French, and even Mandarin! It's also great to witness any different music types that go with each culture as well as their respective dance moves.

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