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Why is Flaine a Must-Visit Ski Resort?

When you are a traveller, one of the toughest decisions you have to make is to decide where you should travel. The world is full of awesome places that are worth your time and money.

The fact that you have searched and clicked on this article indicates that you are one of the lucky people who have heard of Flaine, this magical alpine place, and you are considering travelling there.

Seeing a couple of images of the place online is enough to convince you that it is a great destination. However, talking about hidden gems in the world is a favourite pastime of ours, so we will present four reasons why you should visit Flaine at least once in your life.

Reason 1: It is part of the famous Grand Massif area

Grand Massif is one of the largest and most popular ski areas in France. It consists of 5 breath-taking resorts and Flaine is one of them – the one that receives the most visitors. The fact that Flaine is found at an altitude from 1,600 to 2,500 metres hints at the magnificence of the view and the excellent quality of the pistes. Although visiting Flaine alone guarantees a great time, you shouldn’t miss your chance to visit the neighbouring villages. By booking your ski passes with Erna Low in advance, there is nothing stopping you from skiing all around the Grand Massif area.

Reason 2: It is an architectural masterpiece

You can easily spend a whole day just strolling around the resort and admiring its architecture. The impressive and eco-friendly buildings that are designed in a way that they do not disturb nature, the tunnel network and the lack of actual cars thanks to the cable car and gondola lift stations will make you want to keep wandering around the resort instead of skiing. What is even better is that you can discover remarkable sculptures, like Le “Boqueteau des 7 Arbres”, or “The Copse of 7 Trees” in English, by Jean Dubuffet, the “Tete de femme”, or “Head of a Woman”, by Pablo Picasso and “Les Trois Hexagones” by Victor Vasarely.

Reason 3: A piste for everyone

It goes without saying that you should spend at least a few hours skiing in Flaine. If you are an experienced skier, you should definitely test your skills on the Gers Bowl piste. Beginner and intermediate skiers will have plenty of pistes to practise since there are 64 pistes in total for all levels and ages. Don’t forget to give the Cascade piste a go as it is the longest run in the whole Grand Massif area.

Reason 4: It is open in summer

You can even visit Flaine in summer. You may not be able to ski, but there is a plethora of fun outdoor activities offered that guarantee that you will have the time of your life there. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, Nordic walks, rafting, hot air balloon flights are just a few of the available summer activities at the resort.

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