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4 Best Things to Do in Dublin if You Visit it for the First Time

One of the best sensations in this world is when you get to know a place for the first time, when you get to walk in its streets and admire its sights, its squares and parks. A totally new world is right there for you to discover.

Dublin is a city that will fill your heart with unparalleled thrill thanks to its stunning landscapes and the wide range of outdoor, cultural and fun activities that it offers. To be honest, the possibilities are endless, but there are a few touristy things that you must do in order to have the ultimate Dublin experience.

  1. Best spots to drink and learn about high-quality spirits

Ireland is famous for the excellent spirits that are produced there, for the extensive knowledge of alcoholic drinks and the drinking habits of locals. It goes without saying that its capital is the place you need to be if you want to taste original Irish drinks. The two most iconic pubs are the Temple Bar and the Church. As you can guess from the names of the bars, Dubliners have deep, almost religious feelings when it comes to alcohol. Additionally, if you want to learn practical information about brewing and producing beer or other spirits, you should visit the Guinness Storehouse Factory, the Old Jameson Distillery and Irish Whiskey Museum.

  1. Outdoor activities in nature

Drinking can be fun, but you shouldn’t miss your chance to admire and walk around nature. Having a car will make your life much easier as Dublin is a large city and you will need to cover a great distance in order to find nature. You can hire the ideal car for you on Enjoy Travel and reach all the green spaces in Dublin fast and safely. You should go to the Wicklow Mountains, the Phoenix Park and the Cliffs of Moher. It is worth mentioning that if the Wicklow Mountains seem familiar, they are because you must have seen the location in the successful film P.S. I love you.

  1. Tours that will send chills down your spine

Don’t worry we won’t mention any haunted houses or terrifying spots in Dublin. It is known, however, that life can be hard and cruel. At the Abandoned Prison of Kilmainham Gaol you will have the chance to learn about the dark side of the prison system and conditions in Dublin. In addition to that, in the equally grim setting of the graveyards at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum, you will get a more uplifting tour as you will learn about the lives of famous political and public figures in Ireland.

  1. The castle

Going to Dublin Castle, getting inside and touring around the impressive place is one of the most memorable touristy things you can do. It was built in 1204, and it was meant to function as a fortress. It was developed into a stunning castle where the Viceroy of Ireland, the representative of the English monarchy, used to reside and work until the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.

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