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Wanderlust's Pocket Guide to Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is said to be one of Europe's most heavily trafficked destinations in terms of tourism, with over four million tourists flocking there yearly -- a fact which shouldn't be so surprising considering that it is actually a cradle for rich, classic and contemporary art, distinct architecture, and museums that are brimming with both aesthetic and historical value. If you have a broad, open mind and an imagination that yearns to trod on uncharted zones, you might just fall in love with this lovely city located in the Western part of the Netherlands.

Picking quality accommodation

But of course -- first things first. Just as you would with any other out-of-the-country trip, you should fix your accommodation first before drafting an itinerary. This is a very important step as finding a temporary home abroad in which you are comfortable and safe is crucial to the overall quality of your vacation, and in order to achieve this, you must do your homework: research like there's no tomorrow.

Browse and read through travel blogs to get a glimpse of which spots are worthy to be visited and pick the ones that pique your interest. There's absolutely no point in visiting a popular art museum if you have not even a slight soft spot for all things artsy. Be true to yourself; nobody's going to judge!

After you have caught an idea of which places you want to go, figure out a location that is strategically located in relation to your places of interest. Then, you can visit sites like Apartment District Amsterdam to see and compare the accommodations available in said area and compare them side by side to pick the one that best suits you.

Now, you're ready to make your itinerary! Here are some sights that you might want to see for an extraordinary vacation in Amsterdam:

Van Gogh Museum

If you are a certified art rat, or have always been intrigued by the chapters you've heard about this famous painter in many of your Art and Literature courses, then see his real works arranged in chronological order -- alongside other popular artists like Monet, Manet, and Matisse.

The Catboat (PoezenBoot)

It's a no-brainer, cat lovers will definitely scurry their way into this cat-infested boat! This sanctuary for cats has been around since 1966. Though a lesser known destination in Amsterdam, it's definitely a unique and worthy one for feline travelers.


Because most travelers wind up somewhere in the more touristy areas, they tend to miss out on the laid-back and a lot more peaceful atmosphere in the Jordaan area. Least congested with tourists, walking through its meander of cafés, restaurants, and shops would be a way to discover Amsterdam in a different, albeit wonderful light.

The Houseboat Museum

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live on the canals? Well, since Amsterdam is quite notorious for its countless number of canals, might as well hop on this pimped houseboat to catch a glimpse of life lived on the canals. Totally not touristy, but pretty interesting!

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