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Top Tips for Cruising with Kids

Travelling with children is fun, but not always easy. Especially if you've booked your holiday on a cruise ship. There are tons of things to do and see, but just four eyes to look after your kids and take care of them. No panic and hassle, remember you're on holiday! Save your time and energy by getting from Fiumicino airport to Civitavecchia port with Cabs4Rome shared transfers, and read this guide with top tips for a relaxing holiday on a cruise with your kids.

1. Check minimum age requirements

Before booking your holiday on a cruise line, check the minimum age requirements for guests with your travel agent. Many cruise lines accept infants that are at least 6 months old prior the sail date or don't allow pregnant women aboard if they are past their 24th week. Also, there might be age requirements for access to the pool, children’s programs and some excursions. Choose wisely and book the most appropriate cruise for your family.

2. Prepare your children

It's recommend that, days before the departure, you talk with your kids about this new experience. Let them know what you are going to do and where you are going to. Show them what living on a ship is like looking for information on the Internet and go shopping for some guidebooks to learn about the countries you are going to visit. Also check if there are special activities for the kids onboard that can keep your children entertained during the holiday.

3. Be flexible

When you are on holiday with kids, you cannot control everything like you do at home and most of the time, things don’t go as planned. Try to be flexible and relaxed and react to whatever happens with no stress, just focus on the solution. Bring with you the phone number of your travel agent that can help you if you miss the plane or ports of call are cancelled.

4. Pack your bag for your kids

Think about your travellers' checklist, remember to pack your bag with everything your kids might need during the holiday, especially things to keep them entertained during the trip. So bring books, CD players, video games and other toys with you, as well as their favourite snacks and drinks. If you want them to feel involved in the trip, give them a disposable camera. It will be fun to look at the pictures they took when you are back home.

5. Don’t forget the extras

Kids fare is usually cheaper than adults fare, but you will probably have to pay port taxes and other fees for your children as well. Also, things aboard are surely not free and might be expensive, so better bring everything you need with you, like special products for their hygiene, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, more clothes and toys.

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