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5 Must-See Perth Attractions

Although Perth is one of the most populous cities in Australia, it rarely gets the same recognition as counterparts like Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, for example. But the City of Light, so dubbed for the fact that residents lit their houses so that John Glenn could see the city from space in 1962 (and again in 1998) as he passed by, was listed amongst the top ten most livable cities by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2012 (coming in at number nine) and it offers no shortage of interesting and entertaining attractions for tourists looking to visit down under. If you’re considering which cities you want to hit on your Australian tour, here are just a few must-see attractions that could definitely put Perth on your list.

  1. Kings Park. There’s a lot more to this botanical garden than lush flora and fauna, although you’ll certainly get your fill of greenery when you visit this 1.5-square-mile parkland located near the Central Business District. You’ll enjoy views of the Swan River, for one thing, and this is a great place to get a snapshot of the city skyline, as well. But you’ll also appreciate numerous fountains, waterways, bridges, sculptures, play areas for kids, and places to sit and enjoy a picnic or a quiet stroll while taking in a unique collection of the best in Western Australian plant life.
  2. Aquarium of Western Australia. This continent, being smaller than many others, may strike you as an island, despite its massive size. On the upside, however, the environment is rich in marine life, and the best way to see it apart from hitting up the Great Barrier Reef with your scuba gear is to visit this penultimate aquarium, which features not only a multitude of displays and educational opportunities, but also activities like diving with sharks, reef-walking, and whale watching (although these must be booked in advance).
  3. Western Australia Museum. While you might not find a lot of fine art at this museum, you will find a wealth of interesting and diverse exhibits to view, including natural history displays for zoology and planetary science, maritime heritage features centering on history, shipwrecks, and conservation, and presentations of archaeological, anthropological, and socially historical significance. It may sound like a bit of a mashup, but there’s no shortage of exhibitions to delight every visitor when you make a stop at the Western Australian Museum in Perth. And if you’re looking for fine or modern art exhibits you can always swing by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.
  4. Cottesloe Beach. In a country famous for golden tans, Perth is considered one of the best places to soak up the sun. And this beach is one of the most popular destinations for such activities. Not only is it a great place to snorkel or lie on the sand, but there are no shortage of restaurants, shops, and even hotels (although if you’re looking for historic accommodations or something more affordable like the Oxford Hotel you’ll have to go inland just a bit).
  5. Perth Arena. Your Perth travel plans will no doubt include some down time in the evenings when museums and other attractions have closed, and you can take the opportunity to score tickets to concerts, sporting matches, and all kinds of entertainment events. With the chops to book major acts like The Rolling Stones, Justin Bieber, Nine Inch Nails, and Avicii, just to name a few, you’ll find no shortage of entertainment potential when you visit this premiere performance venue in Perth.

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