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Staying Connected in Bali

Being on vacation does not mean you want to disconnect from everything. Sometimes you want to communicate with some people back home or to use the internet for work purposes. Staying connected on the internet is a basic need for travellers.

A reliable internet connection is vital for a lot more than work. It makes it possible to stay in touch with loved ones and book a flight or accommodations. It allows you to use Google maps to find your way around and so much more.

All this is possible with a smart gadget or laptop. It certainly makes your stay in popular holiday spots such as Bali that much easier. From your 5 star hotels in Bali, you can book your flight back home or catch up with some work.

Network in Bali                            

It may not be possible to access fast connection everywhere on the island. However, a 3G network is widely available. There have been improvements in infrastructure as well as coverage making. This has improved internet coverage in the area.

Nevertheless, there are some areas which may be too remote for network coverage. Hence, if what you have is a working holiday, you will need to find out about network coverage. You must buy a SIM card to access the local service.

Access SIM Cards to Get Connected

It has been established that you need a local SIM card to access the local service provider. The best option for a short stay is the prepaid SIM card. You can get one cheaply in Bali and pay very friendly rates to access internet connection.

In fact, for just $10, you may have an internet connection for a whole month. If you are visiting the island for one month, that little amount will take care of your internet connection. You can chat with your friends on your social media platforms and share your amazing moments.

To buy your SIM card, you need your passport. Your vendor uses the details therein to register your new SIM card online. Within two to twenty-four hours, you will be ready to begin roaming.

Availability of SIM Cards in Bali

You can buy one at the airport as you exit the building. However, the prices are higher here. If the internet connection can wait, buy your SIM card from the mobile shops. You will find plenty of them on the main tourist streets.

The cheapest ones can be accessed from the regular shops on regular streets. Most of them will have a banner of the service provider on the wall or door, making them easy to recognize.

However, if you are headed farther inland, it is best to get your SIM card before you get to your destination. Many remote locations do not have mobile shops.

Using Your Prepaid SIM Card

Your vendor should have registered you online when you bought your card. Using your prepaid card is quite easy as that is the option most Balinese use. As a result, the services surrounding these SIM cards are readily available.

Also, they are priced competently and you can easily top-up whenever you need to. Your new SIM card comes with a phone number. You fit it into its slot on your phone, and the card is activated online. The vendor then offers you an internet package or asks you to make a deposit (PULSA).

There are many packages to choose from. Your choice will depend mostly on the social services you intend to use. Mostly, you will find communication channels such as WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime are your go-to channels.

You may want to share images on Instagram occasionally too. Hence, one-month internet access may work best for you. It costs approximately $10 and will keep you connected for your duration on the island.


Bali has a quality internet connection, whether you want to keep in touch with your friends or get some work done. You can, therefore, travel with your laptop or smart devices and stay connected. All you need is a local SIM card and number, and you are ready to browse or connect.

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