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Shooting Tips: Rifle Skills That Will Make You a Better Hunter

Do you want to improve your shooting and become a better hunter in general? So do a lot of other people. What sets the people that go on to become master hunters from those that just continue to wish is the lack of information and implantation.

If you stick around, you’ll see the skills you need to become a better hunter. This can set you on your journey to becoming an expert hunter even if you just hunt for fun.

Some of these skills will take considerably more effort and time to learn while the others can be pretty straightforward. When developed, these skills will set you apart from your mates and make your hunting expeditions more successful.

Without further ado, here are some top skills that will make you a better hunter:


As basic as this may seem, coordination is an essential skill to becoming a top hunter. Highly coordinated people are generally better hunters because of the role coordination plays in hunting.

When hunting, stealth, and precision are critical but you can barely stay out of sight when you’re struggling to set up your shooting gadgets. You need a high level of coordination to set everything up and know where they all are at every point in time.

Do you drop your binoculars by your left or right when shooting? Is everything you need within arm’s length when sitting waiting for your game?

Luckily, coordination can be learned. Practice your coordination by creating routines for setting up your gadgets and shooting.

Breathing Control

If you want to take better shots learn breathing control. It’s as simple as that. A slight shake from abnormal breathing just before releasing the trigger can send your bullet several degrees off target.

Learning to control your breathing especially just after doing a high-energy activity like running or climbing will enable you to take better shots.

Exercise consistently and practice controlled breathing to get acclimatized to how this technique works and how it can help you with your shooting accuracy. A low deep breath just before pulling the trigger calms you down and prevents any sudden movement that can affect your shot.

High Equipment Knowledge  

Knowing your equipment is an important hunting skill that can make you a better hunter. There are several hunting gadgets used when hunting from rifles to scopes and rifle stands.

 Knowing all you need, how they work, how to assemble and disassemble them quickly is a huge advantage.

Things like the rifle you need for long and short-range hunting and the type of optics that can help in the time of the day you’re hunting are important things to know.

You can start improving your knowledge of your hunting gadgets by searching the equipment you have online and learning more about them.


The ability to remove all distractions when hunting is a top skill that will make you better. Can you block out the noise, light and focus on your target? Lack of focus will cost you several big games because you have a small window most times to set your target and pull the trigger.

Practice undivided attention when training, put yourself in a particular mood that is focused and determined. This will translate to more focus when you get into the field to hunt.

You need to realize that focus can be exhausting, so know when to retire for the day to regain lost energy.


You usually have a couple of seconds after spotting your game to target and pull the trigger. No matter how skilled you are, if you lack this skill, you’ll find it difficult to hit your targets especially when that target is a fast animal.

Speed is one skill all top hunters possess. The speed to set up your equipment, target the animal, and shoot. This skill is especially important when the animal is moving and not stagnant.

Can you utilize the small window of opportunity and hit that animal before it walks into a thick bush and out of sight?

Improve your speed and you’ll see a sharp increase in your success rate. Speed can be improved by repetition and practice.


Shooting is more than just pulling the trigger; it involves a whole lot of other subtle skills that can greatly improve your hunting. The listed skills can be learned and can make you a better hunter.

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