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Making the move: Moving from Canada to Europe

If you are considering moving to Europe from Canada, there are lots of things to consider.  The process of moving around the world isn’t the same as moving around the corner; there are many more moving parts to the process. To help with the process, you’ll need to hire a moving company like Orbit Moving that specializes in international moving.

Whichever company you choose, there a few things you should consider to make sure you are hiring the right company.

  1. Ensure the company you hire has specific experience in dealing with international moving.  Better still, hire a company that has experience in dealing with moves to Europe in particular.  This will ensure they will be able to facilitate the process with expertise.
  2. Look for a company that offers all-inclusive shipping options.  This will help to give you a better idea of the final cost of the move.
  3. Always be sure they are licensed as an international mover.  This includes having a valid import/export license.
  4. When you are given a quote for your overseas move, be sure it is a detailed estimate that outlines exactly what that price includes. 
  5. Check references!  Talk to previous customers of the company who have also made the move from Canada to France, Spain, Italy or elsewhere in Europe to find out how satisfied they were with the service they received.

Know what to expect when you make a long-distance move.  Before making your move, it’s important to do some research.  Europe is a large continent consisting of more than 40 different countries, each with its own culture, languages, climate, politics, laws and government structures.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the particulars of the locale in which you are going live, such as:

Language:  Some countries in Europe have more than one official language.  Even if you don’t speak the language (Italian, for example) it’s a good idea to learn a few key phrases that will help you get acclimatized. 

Currency:  Your Canadian dollars won’t be any good in Europe!  Most countries in Europe use the euro, but find out what currency is used in the country to which you are relocating.  An international moving specialist can help you with currency exchange and other matters.

Culture:  When you move to a new country, whether in Europe or elsewhere, it is normal to experience culture shock.  To lessen the impact of that, research the country and its culture before you move.  Find out what daily live is like in the city you will live in, where the locals shop, what school is like (if you have kids who will attend school there), how people shop for food, traditional food, etc.  Anything you can learn about your new culture will help you get acclimatized more quickly once you arrive.

Moving to Europe can be daunting for most Canadians, but with the help of an international relocation specialist, your move will go smoothly and you’ll feel right at home at your European address in no time.

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