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Best RV Trips in the US Review – Mobile Home Camper Travel 2020

Flying is unarguably the fastest way to move across the US. It, however, might not be the most satisfying. Although not as fast as flying, traveling in an RV is one of the most satisfying ways to travel across the United States. While traveling in an RV, you do not have any need to lodge in a hotel. You, therefore, will not be spending on booking for one.

There are lots of benefits associated with traveling through the United States in an RV. Nonetheless, to enjoy these many benefits, you should know what the best RV trips in the United States are.

Contained in this article is a review of the best RV trips in the United States.

Big Sur Coastal Highway

Are you interested in having a coastal ride on your RV? If yes, the Big Sur Coastal Highway is an RV route you should consider trying out. This RV route is in California and is one of the best you can ride through if you are considering going for a trip through California. When you go through the Big Sur Coastal Highway, you will be riding through urban centers in California that are very friendly to tourists.

Blue Ridge Parkway

This might not be the most famous RV route in the United States. It, however, is one of the most popular. This RV driving route covers about 500 miles and goes through the mountains of Appalachia. When driving through this route as a first-timer, you are definitely not going to feel lonely. This is because you will come across a lot of other RVers that have a perfect understanding of what this route is like. As a fresh Rv owner, you might not have a lot of difficulty because of the presence of immense RV infrastructure on this route.

Although the number of RVers on this route is an advantage, there are times it could be a bit of a disadvantage. This is because in summer, you might have to deal with a lot of traffic when going through this RV route.

Route 66

From the name of this route, you can tell it is a very long one. If you are not willing to go on a very long trip, this RV route might not be ideal for you. However, if you do not mind long RV trips, you should give a lot of consideration to Route 66. This route begins at Illinois and goes all the way to southern California as you can see on this homepage.

Route 66 is not just one of the many RV routes in the United States. It is a route that has made it to the big screens both in music and movies. Do you have any interest in this route, you will need to make very concrete plans as it is a very long route.

Columbia River Highway

This route starts out close to Portland, Oregon, and goes on towards the Columbia River Gorge. It is a perfect RV route for people that are looking to have a drive through the Pacific Northwest region. When on this trip, there are lots of sights to be enjoyed. Some of these sites include rocky waterfalls and dense forests.

Beyond the beautiful sites that characterize this RV route, when driving through, you will come across lots of RV campgrounds that will be perfect stopping points. You will also discover other points which you will find interesting.

Yellowstone National Park and the Rockies

This RV route is one of the oldest in the world. It is located in Montana and is one RV trip that every RVer should take part in. Although the Yellowstone national park and the Rockies RV route can exist on its own, to get the best out of it, you can plan a trip around this rote to coincide with a trip around other RV routes that are not so far from it. When you do this, you will be able to enjoy the view that this route offers, as well as the view of other routes in this mountainous region.

Historic New England

Are you an RV owner that is looking for fresh sites and new challenges? Historic New England might just be the RV route you have been looking for. This route covers Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, etc. Due to the diverse environments that this route covers, it is one that offers RVERS a rich experience. This RV route might not be so long. Nonetheless, to enjoy all that it has to offer, you will need to give it some time. When on this route if you are not going anywhere in a haste, you might want to take a look at the old world architecture that Quebec has to offer.

The Great Lakes Region

This RV route begins in Chicago and covers the American end of the great lakes. This route offers you an amazing site. That, however, is just one of the many things you stand to enjoy by taking a ride with your RV on this route. You can ride with water sports equipment in your RV as there are many beaches where you can stop temporarily and take part in some sports. Beyond the many games you can take part in when on this trio, it is alright if you hire a boat once you get to the end of your trip.

New Orleans and the Gulf Coast

This might not be the most exotic RV route. It, however, is one for every RVer that is looking to have some fun but on a low budget. New Orleans and the gulf coast is not a popular RV destination, this makes it ideal for people that are looking to move around in their RV without encountering lots of other RV drivers on the road.

Southeastern Seaboard

This route is quite related to the New England route. It is a trip that goes through the cities and the amazing landscape of the southeast. While on this trip, you can stop temporarily at the beach, unwind, and continue your trip.

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