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Avoid High Prices at the Airport to Save Money

Airfare can be a costly purchase for traveling, but so can the airport itself. Retailers realize that, as a traveler, you often must get to the airport early to wait for your flight. Because you are held “captive” and there aren’t many options for high priced options, airports can charge high prices for food, entertainment, and other necessities. For airport prices, it also comes down to supply; airports are busy places that create increased demand on products and, therefore, create higher prices. You can avoid these higher prices—and even the bigger crowds—by following these tips below.

Bring your Own Food

One of the costliest purchases at the airport is food. Between scrambling to get to the airport on time, running between connecting flights, and trying to fill up before getting on a long flight—which will likely have no good food options—people often need to eat at the airport, which leads to high food prices due to high demand. But you can eliminate this cost by bringing your own food. Trying packing a small cooler in your bag for a cold drink or sandwich or bring an item that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Plan a little more time before your flight to pack your meal or snacks so you don’t get tempted to break the bank with expensive airport fare. You might also consider simply getting food on the way to the airport. 

Don’t Pay for Internet Wi-Fi 

It’s easy to get to the airport and want to get on the Internet. With costly airport Wi-Fi, however, this is something that should be avoided if possible. Where this is unavoidable you may wish to consider visiting to access additional funds which could make your travel less stressful and prevent you using your holiday savings to catch up on work. 

You can try to get all of your emailing and Internet needs before you get to the airport; this could not only save money, but also give you a chance to relax more before the flight. Next, if you are simply looking for entertainment through the Internet, try bringing a book from home, an iPod, or some DVDs to play on your laptop instead. It might even be more cost effective to simply use your smart phone’s Internet and media capabilities in lieu of airport wi-fi. 

Bring your Own Entertainment

In a tip somewhat connected to the last tip, you should always consider bringing your own entertainment to the airport. Airports and airplanes are often boring, cold places without much to offer by way of free entertainment. Rather than get to airport with nothing to do, bring a book or magazine, a notebook for writing or drawing, a laptop with DVDs, or another other item that might keep you entertained while you wait for your flight or even on the flight itself. 

Don’t Buy Souvenirs at the Airport

After being in a rush on the way to the airport or simply getting hung up on the vacation or travel itself, it’s easy to forget souvenirs for family and friends you’d like to give gifts to. To save money, though, do your best to avoid making purchases like this at the airport because those items will be much more expensive there. Allow extra time to do souvenir shopping on the trip, outside of the airport, or even try free gifts like beach seashells or sand if you are allowed to collect. 

Bring your Own Drink

Instead of paying for bottled water or another drink at the airport, try bringing your own water bottle to refill at airport water fountains and to use on the plane. You can’t bring a big water bottle through most security checkpoints, but you can bring a smaller bottle to continuously fill. Everything you don’t bring yourself will be costly, so be creative in the ways to save money at the airport.

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