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5 Great Canyon Rapids

Here are the top 5 rapids for your white water outdoor adventure:

  • Lava Falls Rapids – The Dangerous One

Colorado River Running A Rapid Photo Credit

Some consider Lava Falls the fiercest white water rapids in the entire Grand Canyon. You’ll need a top notch team in fit condition for this monster. Bring a towel – you’re going to get a little wet.

  • Crystal Rapids – The Eighties One

Crystal Hole at Crystal Rapid Photo Credit

Back in the 80’s this rapid was more feared than Lava Falls. What changed? In 1996 the Glen Canyon Dam changed the way it distributed the water it was containing, meaning the surges enjoyed for months on end in the 80’s ended. This rapid still has some bite in it though.

  • Hermit Rapids – The Barren One

Hermit Rapids Photo Credit

In the Grand Canyon there are normal popular tourist campsites. Then there are the ones set in the backcountry that even require a permit to camp there. But Hermit Rapids is one step further into insanity. This campsite has no water and no toilets. If you are planning on coming here, you’ll need to come prepared to care for yourself in the high 110 Fahrenheit summer heat; bring sunscreen and water. Even the fittest of hikers or rapids goers struggle not with the on river technicality of Hermit Rapids – but it’s off river soul-eating lack of basic necessities.

  • Horn Creek Rapids – The Horny One

Horn Creek Rapids Mile 90 Photo Credit

Some think this rapid got its name from the two big boulders at the top of the rapid that are shaped like horns.

Depending on the height of the water, Horn Creek Rapids varies in difficulty. In high water you’ll breeze through at good speed, cushioned by the wall of water below you. But at low water, it’s much more difficult and steep. You’re in for a wild ride if this is your first time rafting.

  • Hance Rapids – The Challenging One

Hance Rapids Photo Credit

These class 7 to 8 whitewater rapids are pretty wild. What causes the tremendous current here is the flow of water over the rocks underneath. This creates a powerful hydraulics force that rockets you down the river at speed. The only thing you can pray for is to hit as many waves as possible to slow yourself down!

To journey through the entire Grand Canyon takes around one week as the distance is some 279 miles. Any of the above rapids can be opted in for, just select a really professional tour company. We want you to get wet, have fun and most importantly stay safe!

Sevy writes for Vietnam Travel Notes an Asian Travel Blog

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