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Decisions, decisions: wading through London's throng of hotels

It's often said that the more choices people are given, the harder it is to make a decision - and deciding on holiday accommodation is certainly no exception to this rule. Take London, for example: there are countless hotels to choose from, both in and around the city; but how does one make a decision without choosing blindly?

If you think that the best method of choosing accommodation is simply to shut your eyes and point to a list of hotels, think again. After all, hotels vary considerably when it comes to large and diverse cities like London. And more importantly, there are a few significant factors to consider regarding the specifics of your holiday.

One of the most obvious aspects in choosing holiday accommodation is undoubtedly your holiday budget. How much can you afford to spend during your vacation? Would you rather splurge on activities and save on accommodation, or vice versa? Once you've established what you're willing to spend on accommodation, you can easily wade through the throng of hotels in London and the surrounding area.

Another point to consider when choosing a hotel is the types of activities you might want to partake in during your holiday. Are you keen to sightsee, relax, or simply frequent as many theatre shows as you can? If you'd like to see all of London's top attractions - such as Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and the Tower of London - you'll undoubtedly want to stay in a central area of the city, such as Westminster, South Bank, Camden, or Kensington. However, if the main objective of your trip is to catch as many theatre shows as you can, you'll be more interested in finding hotels in the heart of London's West End, perhaps near Soho or Leicester Square. Alternatively, if you're simply looking for a bit of peace and relaxation, you can opt for accommodation away from the city's hustle and bustle. Once you have a good idea of what you plan to do on your holiday, you can more easily choose an area of London in which to stay.

In addition, you might want to take into account whether or not the hotels you're considering offer special packages or activity services based on the type of holiday activities you're after; a theatre ticket booking desk, or a family activity organiser for example.

If you're in search of the ideal hotel for your holiday in London, don't feel overwhelmed by all your choices. Simply consider a few simple aspects of your trip - such as pricing and activities - and proceed with your search accordingly. There are also a number of online hotel booking services which can help narrow your search based on your needs. So, having more choices doesn't have to equate to a harder decision-making process - all you need is a bit of direction.

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Martin McAllister is an online freelance journalist. He lives in Scotland.

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