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Plan Your Travel To Spain Early

You could pick up history books nearly anywhere and read about the history of Barcelona, Spain anywhere, so you probably feel that you don't need to read about it here. However instead of a long drawn out history lesson, we're going to summarize for you so that you can make the absolute most of your travel time in Barcelona. This way you can be sure of tremendous accommodations, and all the great stuff to do in Barcelona such as the Water Parks or even a visit to Guell Park. Don't worry about cramming for the test now though, because you can always visit again.

A trip to the Picasso Museum will draw up plenty of strong emotions during your travels here as well. You'll visit five different palaces all set in the medieval time that will give you an array at all of Picasso's different stages during his career. You'll be able to vicariously travel from his hometown of Malaga Spain through to his life as he lived in Paris which is signified in his paintings, and then through to Russia where he detailed beautifully the grace of the ballet, and on to the great town that he settled; Barcelona.

It's very affordable to see this great history of the famous painter, as well as being very flexible with the hours of operation is convenient for your trip. The museum can be found in Cuitat Vella, which means "the beautiful city", and was actually the entire city all the way until the end of the fourteenth century.

Now you can also visit the Christopher Columbus Monument on Las Ramblas Street where you'll run into the monument as it towers over you at the end of the port. If you really would like to envelope yourself in a living history of the city you can travel a few blocks away from this area until you reach Cuitadella Park. Within this park you'll be able to see the magnificent Arch of Triumph, as well as visit a few blocks down to the narrow cobblestone streets with shops and the active life of Barcelona all around you.

Your family will be excited to rent a chalet, an apartment or even a regular hotel in The Costa Brava or the Costa Dorado, where you'll be able to relax on clean beaches and a tourist minded society who will cater to you, and treat you like family. This is the perfect vacation trip for your family, or for a couple who needs a getaway to celebrate a romantic anniversary, or better yet a first or second honeymoon.

As well, for you romantic couples don't forget about the bed and breakfast lodging facilities as well as the four and five star hotel accommodations available to you. You will not regret a refreshing trip to Spain for your getaway.

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