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Things You Must See and Do in Philadelphia, USA

Philadelphia remains an awesome place in the minds of men around the world with good track records in major attraction, beauty of nature and its conduciveness of environment. This is where the founding fathers of America signed the declaration of independence in 1776 championed by Thomas Jefferson. The city is deplete with tourists spot, bar, board game centers, book store renaissance, parks, event centers, magic gardens, and many more to witness. It is no doubt a fantastic destination for you and your family during vacation. The educational and historical excellence is unmatchable with the great independence hall to the Philadelphia museum of art and other classic science museum, the liberty bell, franklin institute, Philadelphia zoo, Barnes foundation and many more.

Interestingly, the city attract close to 39-40 million domestic tourists or visitors in a year according to the 2013 report. It is the genesis of the America marines. Experience a bus tour on hop on hop off for a visit to several attraction. Seeing the independence historical park and liberty bell is important during your stay being a free attraction situated in the liberty bell counter. There are many vital information’s with respect to abolitionist movement and women's suffrage among others. The independence hall can be entered with a free ticket.  Another amazing attraction to visit is the eastern state penitentiary with popular stories of prisoners and past information on incarceration strategy.

The Franklin Museum is regarded as one of the best science museums with different and extensive varieties of topics such as engineering, environmental science, biology and a lot more. Another cultural side to explore is the Philadelphia museum of art. It is also serve as a host of many events for the people. In view of this, the national constitution center is another great place to visit with basic foundational document containing the foundational creed, laws and convention of the American Government with a deep understanding of the historical background on the contemporary political system of the country. Here, you can view the 42 statues of the America founding father.

Furthermore, Philadelphia zoo is a place to visit with amazing animals like African lions, polar bears, penguins, vampire bats, giraffe and many more. It also serves as a host of many events during holidays. The city tower is one of the largest municipal building in the world with 550 feet above the ground. You can take pictures of these beautiful towers as it pleases. Also, the Philadelphia tallest observation deck is 883 feet high showcasing the uniqueness of the city. The love park often called J.F Kennedy plaza is another sensational area to enjoy yourself and your family situated around the city hall. The citizens bank park is full of fun and beautiful experience during a baseball game with mammoth crowd and incredible fans. Lincoln financial field is another sporting center located in Pennsylvania serving as the home stadium of the Philadelphia eagles. It is replete with quality experience and exciting moment of sporting activities. Wells Fargo center is also an interesting place to witness amazing NBA matches.

The Oval is an interesting place to visit anytime with giant game of connect four, chess and with local delicious meal, watering refreshment for local and foreigners. Adventure aquarium is the place to discover life underwater including up to 8700 aquatic species within million amount of water coupled with many sharks. Beyond iota of doubt, it is s superb place to visit with your friends, relatives and family.

Liberty 360 is an amazing experience for anyone, it showcases the historical and background journey of America highly revered symbols in 3D.  Sesame place is meant for kids to have fun with a classic tv show.

The Independence seaport museum is geared towards the appraisal of Delaware maritime history. Thereafter, Barnes foundation is another place to visit in order to appreciate the beautiful work of art with classic organization structure. The work of Matisse, Picasso and Renoir can be found there.  Let's go religious, the Christ church tour has an historic building serving as the aged long existing church in the region. The burial ground is captured as where Franklin and four other signatory to the charter of declaration of independence were laid to rest.

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