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Epic Travel Adventures Across The Highways Of Nevada

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The state of Nevada offers travelers a wide variety of things to do and see. From the bright lights of Vegas to the petroglyphs of Gold Butte National Monument, visitors can find their ideal activities to suit their interests.

Las Vegas

If you're flying into Nevada, you can usually get a decent deal on tickets into Vegas. If you're not a gambler, you can catch a show and enjoy some fabulous food. There are several museums in Las Vegas, including the Natural History Museum and the Haunted Museum.

While you're in southern Nevada, consider a day trip into the loop to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas. This trip will take less than 5 hours and takes you through southern Utah on Highway 15. You can stay for a night on Navajo land before taking a tour of this remarkable canyon. Be aware that you will need a guide; slot canyons can be dangerous if you don't know where you're going.

US-95 to Reno

Travelers who love history will enjoy the drive up US-95 to Reno. This is a reasonably long drive; make sure you carry food, water, and cash as many attractions don't have internet and can't take a card. Stop by Gold Point Ghost Town for a feeling of the old west, some camping, or a stay at a desert B&B.

Closer to Reno, you can check out the mining history of Nevada at Tonopah Historic Mining Park. This remarkable museum is a work in progress; you can actually see the preservation professionals working on the buildings and machinery as well as enjoying a guided tour of the finished site. Be ready to linger in Tonopah; there are plenty of restaurants just west of the mining park.


Once you reach Reno, the fun continues! Car fans will love the National Auto Museum. There are features here that will thrill children and let fans of rare vehicles check out their favorites. From steam-powered vehicles to a gold-plated DeLorean, you can find that car you've always dreamed about and check it out from all angles.

When you're ready to get outside, pack snacks and water for a trek up the Hunter Creek Trail. This out-and-back trail does have a pretty good elevation gain; bring plenty of water and allow time for rest. Start early and, if you can schedule it, go during the wildflower bloom. There's a waterfall at the top and the views are worth it!

Highway 80 to Wells

Before you leave Reno, make sure you head north to Pyramid Lake. There are many fun outdoor activities to be enjoyed here. Camping and fishing permits are available from the Ranger Station at the visitor's center. In addition, you can kayak, paddleboard, and swim here to escape the heat.

Do take the time to review Leave No Trace camping rules. Pyramid Lake is on the Paiute Reservation and camping sites may be limited due to the wildfire risk. Stay flexible and reserve your spot early; the views and the serenity will be worth the booking!

Plan a stop in Winnemucca and visit the Humboldt Museum for a taste of old Nevada. The entire city of Winnemucca includes 73 different historic buildings and they love guests! Plan to stop for lunch at one of the many restaurants just east of 80.

Wells back to Las Vegas

Wells is located in the northeast corner of Nevada. This small town offers a plethora of hotels and plenty of camping. If you've never studied the Milky Way without light pollution, book a camping spot near Angel Lake and set out your favorite lounge chair.

When it's time to head back to Las Vegas, you can take US 93 south. Stop in McGill for lunch and take a tour of the McGill Drugstore Museum! You'll enjoy plenty of national forest views and you'll drive past the Desert National Wildlife Range. Do be aware that cellphone use while driving is banned in Nevada. Stay safe!

Nevada has a lot to offer travelers of all interests. History, art, great food, and remarkable entertainment are all an option, whether you gamble or not! Make time for a few hikes and bring your appetite.

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