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5 Romantic Activities for a Couple’s Vacation in Italy

Every couple deserves some time away. Just to focus on themselves and the love that they have for one another. And if there’s one place that can provide them with all of the food, wine, fashion and architectural beauty that romance requires, it would have to be Italy.

That’s why, if you’re planning an upcoming vacation, we want to take out a moment to provide you with five romantic activities that you and yours will be sure to love and remember for years to come.

Venice. There are a lot of movies that have used Venice as its backdrop, and with good reason. From Torre dell’Orologio, the clock tower in the main square to riding down one of its many waterways on its Gondola Board to taking a tour of the Grand Canal and then having lunch or dinner at the Vini da Gigio, you’ll be sure to get your fill of culture and romance the entire time that you’re there.

Tuscany. When it comes to embracing all that romance has to offer, a place that many enjoy going to is Tuscany. That’s because you can walk along one of its breathtaking beaches such as Giglio Island, stay an evening (or two) in one of its castles (such as the Villa Mangiacane), wander through its amazing picturesque Chianti hills and vineyards or spend some real quality time together in one of its natural hot water springs such as the Bagno Vignoni or San Filippo.

Rome. If there’s one place that knows that love takes time, it would be Rome. After all, it wasn’t “built in a day” either. But if there is ever a place to enjoy true architectural history and genius, Rome would be it. Aventine Hill is the home of the famous Giardino degli Aranci garden and also houses the medieval church Basilica of Santa Sabina. If you enjoy art, you must stop by the Villa Farnesina and a boat tour on the waters of Tiber at sunset is the perfect ending to any day of sightseeing.

Cilento. There’s a chance that you’ve never heard of Cilento before. That’s because it’s a location that is not one of the main tourist attractions in Italy, but for a couple looking to get away from all of crowds while still being able to embrace authentic Italian culture, Cilento would be the place to go. The Marulivo Hotel is one of the most romantic hotels in all of Italy and if you and yours would like a little dessert, the Gelateria Latteria Gabriele will be sure not to disappoint.

Florence. How could we possible do any article on five romantic activities in Italy and leave out Florence? If you put the name of the city in your favorite search engine, you’ll see all kinds of websites that will state “visit our site“. That’s because there are so many things to do there. From concerts and festivals at the Stazione Leopolda to having a private picnic at the Parco delle Cascine to visiting one of the most beautiful wineries in Italy, the Enoteca Pinchiorri, it’s the perfect way to end (or begin) your time of love and romance while in Italy.

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